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Economic Importance of Sterculia spp

<em>Sterculia spp.</em>Botanical name:

  • S. rupestris Benth.
  • S. villosa Roxb.
  • Family: Sterculiaceae


  • S. rupestris – Australia
  • S. villosa- India

Description: A moderate sized deciduous tree with few spreading branches. Leaves long and broad crowded at the ends of branches, cordate, deeply palmately lobed, flowers yellow, polygamous, mostly male. Fruit follicle, each follicle sessile,  spreading. Seeds several in each   follicle.

Economic Importance:

Sterculia spp. - TreeS. villosa

  • The wood of S. villosa is used mainly for manufacturing tea-boxes and light packing cases.
  • Also used in ship-building, inferior match-boxes and splints, three –ply work.
  • It gives good fuel wood.
  • Bark yields a coarse but strong fibre that is used for cordage and for making rough bags. It is used for breast bands of elephants for dragging timber and also for tying cattle.
  • Seeds can be eaten after roasting or cooking.
  • A dye is obtained from the pericarp.
  • Bark also yields a gum used in veterinary medicine.

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