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Economic importance of Terminalia spp.

Terminalia spp
Terminalia spp

Botanical name:

  1.  T. arjuna
  2.  T. bellerica

Family:  Combretaceae

Origin: India

Description: Large, evergreen tree with generally fluted stem, spreading crown and drooping branches. Leaves sub-opposite, oblong on elliptic, hard, coriaceous, acute at the apex, base rounded. Flowers in panicled spikes, with  hairy growth, small. Fruits   ovoid or ovoid oblong, with raised woody wings, single-seeded, hard pericarp.

Economic Importance:

  • T. arjuna: Timber is used for carts, agricultural purposes, boat building, mine props etc. It can also be used for general structural purposes such as house building, water traps, oars, masts, transmission poles. It is suitable for making of plywood of second grade and for tea chests. The wood has high calorific value, makes excellent firewood, and produces good quality charcoal for producer gas plants.
  •  T. bellerica : Wood  in mixture with other hardwood species has been found suitable for manufacture of chemical pulps for writing, printing and wrapping papers. The kernels yield non-edible oil used in manufacture of soaps after blending with other oils. Leaves are highly valued as fodder for milch cattle. Leaves are also fed to tasar silkworm. The tree yields a copious gum.


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