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Enjoy your Boba tea in Elephant Cuppa’s eco-friendly tumbler

Come summer, most of us would give an arm for a cool smoothie of Boba tea to get some reprieve from the scorching sun. While that may be easy for when you are at home, it might not be the case for times when you are on the go. Agreed, there are several portable mugs and glasses available in the market today, but most of them are not spill-proof, are messy to carry around and often need a straw to use. Cleaning these tumblers and disposing of used straws is another hassle. The task of limiting waste assumes more importance in the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as governments focus on sanitation and safety. Not to forget, most of the mugs and glasses are made of plastic which isn’t eco-friendly. The problem worsens with plastic or Styrofoam cups which are usually used by cafes and eateries to serve coffee and other beverages. These plastic cups are an environmental menace that is often not recycled, adding to wastage. Concerned about the ecological impact of our lifestyle choices, a few innovators are coming up with solutions that combine eco-friendly production techniques with usability. One such brand is the tumbler offered by Elephant Cuppa. This sustainably manufactured, reusable tumbler which can easily replace single-use plastic.

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The tumbler is perfect for carrying your Boba tea on a cool summer day. The tea-based beverage’s origin can be traced to Taiwan. The main star of a Boba tea is are the ‘pearls’ or ‘bubbles’ which are made of Tapioca. A host of eclectic toppings make this drink delicious. What’s more is that the starch is sourced from the cassava root, hence no gelatin is used in making Boba tea. Given its healthier recipe, it is fast replacing coffee as the go-to drink for office-goers in not only Taiwan but also much of Asia, Europe and North America. As healthy and enjoyable as a Boba tea is, carrying it around isn’t simple due to fear of leakage. Moreover, if you are looking to avoid using plastics, then the disposable cups used by cafes and restaurants might not appeal to you. Elephant Cuppa’s unique tumblers solve both these problems with a unique yet practical design that helps you design Boba tea whenever you want and even on the go. Incidentally, the company is based in Taiwan’s Taipei City.

The product sports a spill-proof and dust-free cap to cover the cup. The cap prevents dust from settling on the rim of the cup and makes it safe for outings too. Moreover, the spill-proof cover means that you can take it along with you anywhere, be it in a car, bus or your bicycle. It is also convenient for small picnics. You can see it for yourself by turning the tumbler upside down. When you overturn the cup, you will notice that the straw stays clean, this just adds to the convenience of cleaning the product. Another factor that ensures that you don’t spend too much time cleaning the Elephant Cuppa tumbler is its 7.5-centimetre mouth. You can easily use a scrubber to wash it with detergent and then rinse it with water. If you don’t wash your utensils by hand, then you don’t have to worry as this tumbler is dishwasher-safe.

The minimalist design enables you to use two types of straws so that you don’t have to change the tumbler whenever you want to drink Boba tea instead of a smoothie or coffee. The universality of its use means that the product is barista-friendly too. Baristas can put ice cubes, pour Boba tea or add toppings to a beverage easily with the tumbler’s wide mouth.

Those worried about its weight can be assured as it weighs just five ounces, which is less than the weight of your average mobile phone. It’s easy to carry and hold and easily fit your backpack or the cup holder in your car. It is made completely of ECOZEN plastic which is a BPA-free and bio-based material. The material makes the tumbler resistant to odors, stains and impacts. As the body is clear and has an appearance like glass, you can see and measure the contents according to your convenience. Plus, it is shatter-proof. 

Even if you are one of those fitness enthusiasts who love to ‘drink’ their nutrients and are a believer in the wonders of smoothies and health shakes, then this product is the perfect fit for your needs. Just pour the smoothie or shake into the tumbler and you are set to go. With the Elephant Cuppa, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the utensil as it is relatively easy. Not to forget, you are also caring for the environment by going for this eco-friendly product. If you opt for a plastic tumbler, the chances of that product being recycled are relatively low. Chances are it is going to end up in a landfill and would ultimately use up resources that would be better used elsewhere.

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