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Global warming must be seen as an economic and security threat

It   is true   what   KOFI ANNAN   has said,

“Global Warming  must  be seen as an economic  and security   threat “

GHG emission from energy intensive industriesFrom these renowned  words,  it is quite  clear  that  global  warming  has  become a scientific   issue of 21st  century’s global  society. Global   warming is regarded   as a scientific   concern which   encompasses social   studies and individual’s   choice of   lifestyle. Scientists believe that  for  the past 2000 years global warming  is responsible for warming earth at a faster rate.

The Earth   creates its own natural greenhouse effect which does not harm human life .Greenhouse effect is blanketing effect of green house gases. Naturally occurring greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Absence of green house effect may cause earth’s temperature to be at least 35 degree colder. But human activities create harmful greenhouse effect called global warming .In simple words, global warming is the rise in average temperature of earth’s atmosphere. Global warming caused by massive increase of carbon dioxide emissions. The level of   carbon dioxide began to rise in atmosphere since beginning of industrial revolution. Past climate studies reveal that carbon dioxide has caused waxing and waning of ice ages. The 1st major source of CO2 is burning of fossil fuels and 2nd major source is land use changes. Fossil fuels are burnt for energy production which accounts four-fifth of global CO2   emissions .Land use changes include deforestation for urbanization, which accounts for one-fifth emissions.

According to International Energy Authority Projections between 2000 and 2030, the world will emit more CO2 than those of 1750 and 2000.This situation arise due to energy –hungriness of industrialized economics.

Impact of   global warming with increasing global average temperatures;

1-2 degree Celsius Major impacts on ecosystem and speciesIncrease of heat waves, droughts, floods and infectious disease

Large impact on agriculture and water resources

Up to 74 cm sea level rise in next 100 years

Terrestrial carbon sink becomes source, accelerating global warming


1-3 degree Celsius Greenland ice cap starts to melt (7 m)
1-4 degree Celsius North Atlantic circulation collapses
3-4 degree Celsius Major   species extinction
2- 4.5 degree Celsius West   Antarctic ice sheet collapses (5 m)
4-5 degree Celsius 1-3 billion people suffer from water scarcityGlobal food production plummets

Fifth of world population effected flooding

Significant increase in human death

Due malnutrition and disease.

Scientist believes that a cut of   carbon dioxide emission between 60% and 80% should be implemented to prevent the worst effects of global warming. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is recognized as the most authoritative scientific and technical voice on climate change. As a result, they provide frequent reports on abrupt change in temperature.

Developing use of Alternative renewable or clean energy like low carbon energy source to great extent can reduce harmful effects. Biofuels is an intermediate solution to fight to reduce global carbon emissions.. Implementing the use of geothermal sources to pump water is an excellent carbon –free source of energy. Removal and storage of carbon dioxide during industrial processes will cause 5% – 10% increase in power production costs, which are later used by food manufacturing ,oil industry and metal processing industries. Around 13% of greenhouse gas emission with respect to transport can be reduced by increasing the use of alternative fuels like biofuels, Methane, alcohol fuels propane etc. Another notable development is use of hybrid cars which has a combination of petrol engine with battery system; this can cut down carbon emission by 50%.

Geo engineering referred as techno fixes or geohacking aims at removing carbon dioxide   by building artificial trees or by stimulating the oceans to take up more carbon .Molding a Zero –carbon   economy by realizing  our building ,neighbor hoods ,transport networks and cities will help us to change the world .Global warming is regarded as a scientific theory which make us examine whole basis of modern society .As economic development is based on energy usage enough funding should be provided for developing cheap and clean energy production .

So it is very much true that

“Global warming threatens our health, our economy, and our natural resources and our children’s future .It is clear we must act.” – Eliot Spritzer.

Thus we have to act united against this evil and take a pledge to love, care nature like a baby without interrupting its silence with our activities and preserve it for the future.

Author’s Bio;

HIBA HABEEBHiba Habeeb is a student of first year BSc botany in Farook college. You can contact her @ hiba.duskdawn[at]

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