Environmentally Toxic Chemicals

A withered tendril lily was struggling to grow at a filthy land as it was surrounded by heaps of garbage. Domestic animals having a feast at the food thrown in packed plastic covers. Plastic might get clogged in their intestines. Imagine plastic is not good30

Glacier-Melting due to global warming

Climate change – Time to hit the panic button

‘The earth has enough for man’s need but not for man’s greed.’’ Never in the history of mankind have these words held more prevalence than now. It might seem a little far-fetched to use the words ‘never’, ‘history’ and ‘mankind’ in the last sentence but30

Carbon emissions from different energy sources accross years

Let’s rejuvenate with renewable energy!

Man has always had an insatiable thirst for energy, since the day he first stepped on the earth. From thermal energy of fire to rotational motion of the wheel to even the power of flowing rivers giving life to earliest farms, energy has been the30

Water Pollution in Minimata Bay in Japan

Go Green to Save Mother Earth

First thing which came to my mind before I sat to write on this topic was ‘Are we extravagant?’ ‘Are we?’ Yes, of course, the way which we have used our limited resources and contributed to its loss. On your way to movie theater or30

Sustainable development

Business Growth Through Environmental Sustainability

Business is growing incessantly day in and day out and has affected our lives like anything. We have gone mobile ending in our daily labor worth encapsulated in a micro chip. In the whole glitzy setup, most of us have gone purblind not reckoning the30

The conifer forest

Natural resource management and development

The management of natural resources to meet people‘s requirements has been practiced since the pre-Vedic era. Natural resources such as biodiversity, water, land, biomass, forests, livestock, etc– the very foundation of human survival, progress and prosperity, have been degrading fast, and the unprecedented pace of30

The Earth

Why should we care about Global Warming?

After hearing the term ‘Environment’ what are the things that strike our mind? Stuff about trees, water, biotic factors, our surroundings, etc. roam in our brains. But do we find our current environment as green as its definition is in reality? The answer is negative.30

GHG emission

Global warming must be seen as an economic and security threat

It   is true   what   KOFI ANNAN   has said, “Global Warming  must  be seen as an economic  and security   threat “ From these renowned  words,  it is quite  clear  that  global  warming  has  become a scientific   issue of 21st  century’s global  society. Global   warming is regarded  30