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Why should we care about Global Warming?

The EarthAfter hearing the term ‘Environment’ what are the things that strike our mind? Stuff about trees, water, biotic factors, our surroundings, etc. roam in our brains. But do we find our current environment as green as its definition is in reality? The answer is negative. This dream environment existed in primordial time. The literal meaning of the word environment is the thing which surrounds an item. Now-a-days, we find our surroundings in a very pitiable state. The word pollution which was unfamiliar decades ago came into fame. Air pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution, etc. are some proverbial enemies of our dear environment. Mother Nature has provided us with all our necessities. The services which could once only be dreamt are now available in reality. Mother Nature has granted all the wishes of the human race.

 But have we protected our environment? No, we haven’t. We have carelessly utilized the resources of our nature .This has led to the devastation of environment. The destruction of nature has given rise to the universal crisis named ‘Global Warming’. This term is probably familiar to everyone. We have seen organizations working at various levels to bring down the intensity of Global Warming. But what is this Global Warming? Global Warming is the increase in temperature on the earth’s surface due to the greenhouse gas emission. There are innumerable causes of this catastrophe. Some of them are deforestation, Greenhouse gas emission, overuse of fuels, etc. The effects of Global warming are deadlier than our imagination. Global Warming is the root cause of many diseases. Some of these diseases are incurable. The effects of Global Warming prove to be destruction to the human race. The most hazardous effect of Global Warming is increase in world temperature. The weather in summer season is extreme arid. Temperatures touch to 40`C. The highest temperature ever recorded is 57`C in Death Valley. Another major effect of this global crisis is rise in sea-level. This could result in flooding in low-lying areas. Some tiny island might even vanish completely! One more major problem is change in weather pattern. Many countries experience rainfall at unexpected times. Natural calamities such as hurricanes, storms, floods, etc. are now a routine to people residing in disaster prone areas. The aquatic life is endangered due to change in the temperature of oceanic waters. Chemical industries which release dangerous gases such as CFC, CO2, CO mix up with the atmosphere. This causes the depletion of ozone layer. Greenhouse gases mix up with the rain clouds which give rise to acidic rains. Today, innumerable trees are lying lifeless due to acidic rain. Fire-Brigade personnels control the flumes of fire. Trees perform the same task by lowering the risk of Global Warming. Today hardly 30% of the earth’s surface is covered by trees which is an alarm to the residents of the earth.

There are innumerable effects of Global Warming to discuss. But has anyone ever thought of putting a full-stop to these problems? The issue of environment destruction is a famous topic of elders for chit-chatting. But has anyone of them taken up the responsibility to stop this universal crisis? ‘Everybody’ thinks that ‘Somebody’ would do this task but in the end ‘Nobody’ does what ‘Anybody’ could have done. If we wait for everybody, we wouldn’t succeed in our task. We must take up the task of reducing Global Warming with simple precautions. At present we can see many vehicles running on the streets. Have you ever thought about the release of harmful gases by these vehicles? We certainly don’t think of such issues. But this is a very serious issue. We can’t stop travelling by vehicles but certainly we can opt for CNG as an alternative to petrol and diesel. If we travel by public transport, we can save litres of petrol and also the pollution occurring due to emission of carbon-monoxide. Tree plantation is the key to save our nature. Trees absorb the atmospheric CO2 and convert it into oxygen which is not a greenhouse gas. If every individual plants a tree per year, the population of the trees on the earth would certainly rise up. Burning of fossil fuel leads to greenhouse gas emission. Another solution of this difficult ‘Equation’ is by using less energy and recycling more products. The solution has numerous benefits.

Lastly, I would conclude by saying that if we put efforts to stop the Global Warming, the following generations wouldn’t be familiar with this term only! We are a part of nature and not apart from it. We must take pledge to ourselves to save our dearest Mother Nature who has always cared us like her progeny. If we try to destroy nature, we’ll have to suffer double the destruction. Nature’s debt is un-repayable.

Author’s bio;

Sanjana  Deshpande

Essay is written by Miss Sanjana Deshpande. She hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She can be reached at sandhyadeshpande1967(at)gmail(dot)com.

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