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Green Clean Guide wishes its user’s a very happy World Ocean’s Day 2011

Brief history of celebrations- World Ocean’s Day had initially been celebrated each year since 1992 (the year of the Earth Summit) but was officially recognised by the United Nations in 2008. Since then, it has seen global celebrations each year.

The World Oceans Day 2011- 2012 theme is Youth: the Next Wave for Change.

UN Secretary General’s Ban Ki Moon’s message for this year’s World Ocean’s Day celebrations is “World Oceans Day is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of oceans to humankind’s sustainable development. It is also a time to recognize the many severe challenges related to oceans. “

Oceans play an important role in shaping the climate besides being important biodiversity shelter for umpteen organisms. Unfortunately because of the indirect involvement of majority population with the oceans, they are often not given the sort of importance that is necessary severely undermining efforts to conserve them. Oceans not only provide us with oxygen but also with food and medicines. Their sustainable use and conservation aiming at prevention of pollution is of the utmost importance.

This year celebrations will be based on the resolution that calls upon nations to strengthen institutional safety and prevent pollution from ships. Oceans many a times become a convenient dumping ground for getting rid of undesirable waste. While some activities such as oil spills maybe accidental; others are intentional and need to be checked.

As the famous saying goes “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean“, India has moved forward in this regard with the launching of the Oceansat 2 with an Ocean Colour Monitor, a dedicated Ocean satellite to monitor phytoplanktons, and suspended sediments and aerosols. This will help in future Ocean Zone studies.

Article by Mr. Puskar Pande

Image credit: User:Quizimodo, Wikipedia

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