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Gujarat comes up with new wind policy

Wind turbines in TamilnaduAccording to reports, the govt of Gujarat has come up with a new wind energy policy.

Salient features of the new policy-

  • Exemption from electricity duty
  • Price of Rs  4.15 per unit (for next 25 years)

Gujarat government on Thursday announced a new wind energy policy, fixing new procurement tariff and exempting wind energy from electricity duty.

“The new wind energy policy got nod from the state cabinet today, state energy minister Saurabh Patel said in a statement.”1

Power companies can sell remaining units after captive consumption at the price of Rs. 3.52 per unit or may also sell to other third party power purchasers.

The government will promote setting up of wind farms in wastelands that are not utilised in the inner regions of the state.

According to estimates of C-WET, the potential for the wind energy in India is around 48,561 MW. In India, few states have good wind speed and hence these regions are techno-commercially suitable for establishment of wind farms. The state of Tamilnadu has highest wind potential and installed capacity in the country followed my Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Rajasthan.  Gujarat has a total of 3114.250 MW Wind Power Projects installed as of 30.04.2013.2

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