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Infographic: Cosmetic Packaging Symbols Explained

It is very vital to know the signs used in cosmetic packaging design. These symbols not only inform the customer about the manufactured goods but at the same time they help them to apply the product carefully later. As a designer, working in the packaging business, it is significant to be aware of these icons.

  1. Period after Opening (POA)

European standards need that products with a shelf life of fewer than 30 months must be distinct with a “best use by” date. “Period after Opening” sign must be used with the goods which can last longer than 30 months. This is shown by a figure on the jar with lid off.

  1. Further Information

This icon specifies that additional information about the manufactured goods can be found in the packaging. This sign is used when there is not sufficient space left on the package to include key information regarding the product.

  1. Estimated Symbol

This symbol is used to specify that the product is packed using “average fill system”.  This only means you will get “X” amount of product, shown in grams or milliliters.

  1. Green Dot

It represents that the business pays to recover and recycle the product. This icon can be found next to other symbols.

  1. Flammable

This sign indicates that the item for consumption should not be used close to an open fire nor it should be uncovered to high temperature.

  1. Resin Identification

It is used to spot the polymer category when recycling. This is essential, because when recycling one product with incorrect classification can trash a group during reprocessing.

  1. Leaping Bunny

This sign indicates that the merchandise has not been tested on animals and a corporation is certified to use this sign when they take a vow that no product is tested on animals at any stage in product development.

  1. PETA Bunny

Another icon to show that the product is cruelty-free and not tested on an animal at any stage.

Cosmetic Packaging Symbols Explained


Author Bio: Mark Dawson is a tech columnist. He is currently working at Globe Packaging as a Content Marketing Manager. Apart from writing, he likes to guide small businesses in achieving their business goals.

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