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National Green Tribunal comes to the rescue of Yamuna

Yamuna riverThe tribunal in its order has passed an injunction to prevent pollution of the river Yamuna. A fine of Rs. 5 lakh will be levied for dumping of debris or polluting the river.

Any person found dumping debris on the river bank at the Geeta Colony site or any other site will have to pay Rs. 5 lakh for causing pollution. The offender will also be asked to remove the debris.

The petition was filed by Manoj Misra of the Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan.

The petition opposed the dumping of debris and construction waste on the banks of the river.

“The fine so imposed shall be recovered from the person who is responsible for dumping of debris i.e., truck owner as well as person to whom the debris belongs i.e., by whose property demolition the debris have been created. Even the contractor who is carrying on the business of dumping of debris shall be equally responsible,” the NGT bench headed by Chairperson Swatanter Kumar said in its order.

The Tribunal also issued orders to authorities to ensure that debris is removed from Geeta Colony by 15th of August and that no further debris is dumped at Geeta Colony.

The river Yamuna is highly polluted and the problem worsens during the monsoon season when the river water floods the land and contaminates can even reach the soil. It is not uncommon to see foam on the river water.

The river which is considered holy and passes through many urban cities including Delhi had become a dumping point for wastes which ultimately will find its way into the human body thereby directly affecting human health.

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