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On Pollution and its Forms- Control of Air Pollution

This is a continuing series of articles on pollution. This is the fourth part of the series.

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Industrial Air PollutionTo control air pollution, various strategies can be employed. It may be employed at the source thereby leading to a reduction of emissions at the first stage itself or it may be in the form of an intermediate process modification or at the third stage which disperses or effectively traps the emissions.

Some of these control measures are-

  • Selecting the right fuel- By using environment friendly fuels such as CNG, Bio-diesel etc. the emissions can be reduced.
  • Control equipments are used in industries to reduce emissions. Settling chambers, scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators are commonly used. Catalytic converters can be used in automobiles.
  • Green Belts. Read more about it here
  • Higher taxes
  • Parking fees and regulation of private vehicles
  • Deregistration of older vehicles
  • Encouraging mass transport than personal vehicles
  • By selection of sites such as SEZ’s for setting up industries to limit emissions.
  • Unified Institutional Mechanism- At present, there are a number of agencies that look after different sectors in transport. Thus a unified approach will help in better management.
  • Prescribing time limits for phasing put old equipments
  • Change is use of raw materials and avoiding or banning pollution causing or harmful substances


Read  part 1, part 2 , part 3 and part 5

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