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On Pollution and its Forms- Some other air pollutants

This is a continuing series of articles on pollution. This is the third part of the series.

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SMOG on Newyork cityWe discussed about smog in our previous article. We continue the discussion further and discuss some other air pollutants.

Aldehydes- Produced by the combustion of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, and natural gas. Incomplete combustion forms aldehydes or they may also occur naturally by various photochemical reactions between different air pollutants.

Dust- Very common, it is the solid particles found in air. They settle naturally under the influence of gravity.

Aerosols- It is the dispersion of solid or liquid particles of microscopic size in a gas medium. Example- dust, smoke, mist, fog etc.  Dispersed phase is a solid and dispersion medium is a liquid. Aerosol means that the particle is suspended in air.

Radiation- Most notorious. Radioactive fallout from nuclear bombs and tests results into environmental pollution. It can severely affect human beings.

They may be alpha, beta or gamma rays. Some of the radioactive elements occur naturally but can also be produced in reactors. They bring about long lasting alterations in DNA and can lead to cancer.

Arsines- From acids containing arsenic soldering or process involving metals. Can cause damage of RBC’s, kidney and can also cause jaundice.

Phosgene- Chemicals and dye industry. Can cause irritation and edema.

Ammonia- Dye industry, fertilizer.  Can cause inflammation of respiratory passage.

Hydrogen Cyanides- Blast furnaces, fumigation etc. Can cause dry throat, headache, vision problems and nerve cell interruption.

Read part 1 , part 2  and part 4

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