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On Pollution and its Forms- Noise

This is a continuing series of articles on pollution. This is the fifth part of the series.

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Sound is a form of energy and can be pleasant and unpleasant acting as a source of annoyance and when in levels causing discomfort, is said to be noise pollution. The problem with sound is that the same sound can be relatively pleasing and annoying according to people’s preferences.

Any unwanted or unpleasant sound which is in the wrong place at the wrong time is noise pollution.

The decibel scale measures loudness. Noise of very high intensity levels can cause in severe cases, injury to the human ear.

Area Code Category of Area

Noise Level in dB (A) Leq

Day Night
A Industrial 75 70
B Commercial 65 55
C Residential 55 45
D Silence Zone 50 40

Source- MoEF

Sound above the level of 80 dB is considered not suitable for humans. The sources of noise pollution can be-

  • From Transport vehicles
  • Industries
  • Construction
  • Celebration (Bursting of firecrackers)
  • Other appliances
  • Supersonic aeroplanes create what is known as sonic boom

Effects of Noise Pollution-

  • Hearing disability
  • Annoyance and Irritation
  • Loss in concentration
  • Deafness

Control of Noise Pollution-

  • Use of silencers
  • Use of ear plugs at industrial sites by workers
  • Use of sound absorbers
  • By planting vegetation cover
  • Legislation regulating noise

Read part 1, part 2 , part 3 and part 4

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