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Pickup Trucks block Tesla Superchargers

In what appears to be a protest against Tesla, pickup truck drivers yet again blocked a supercharging station and shouted profanities, creating problems for Tesla drivers. This act where the space for Electric vehicle (EV) is occupied by ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles is referred to as ICE-ing in the EV community.

Tesla Superchargers, Image credit:

Earlier, in the month of December, Leicina a Reddit user posted a picture of three pickups blocking Tesla’s charging stations. The owner of the Tesla Model 3 mentioned that the trucks not only blocked the chargers, the drivers also chanted ‘F’ Tesla until they were forced out by a Sheetz employee.

Generally the drivers accidentally park their vehicles blocking the charging station, however this wasn’t the case in Hickory where the pickup drivers aggressively protested and yelled profanities at the Tesla owners coming to the charging station. It was during the peak hours for long distance travels, the busy time for the charging stations that the pickup drivers blocked the stations.

In Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Hawaii laws have been passed prohibiting parking of ICE vehicles at the electric charging ports.

This may not be the first time there has been resentment between electric vehicles and pickup trucks. In the past there has been practice of rolling coal where diesel trucks have been intentionally modified to let out huge noxious dark exhaust directed at electric vehicles.

While all this happening in one side, Tesla on the other side is working on its electric pickup truck which is expected to be in production by 2019 spring.

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