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Renault Trucks Unveils Its Second Generation Of Electric Trucks

Renault is a big name in the field of electromobility and to maintain its pace with the changing face of urban transport, Renault Trucks are bringing its second generation of electric trucks. The Renault Trucks Z.E. line-up consists of Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E., Renault Trucks D Z.E., and Renault Master Z.E. varying from 3.1 to 26 tonnes. This whole covers the entire range of urban areas uses from goods distribution and delivery to refuse collection.

Electric Trucks by Renault
Electric Trucks by Renault

Renault Trucks is all set to make a shift to electric vehicles
Electromobility has been the apparent reply to the urban air quality and all the noise issues from the outset for Renault Trucks. It was also an obvious response to decrease overall CO2 emissions.

From last more than a decade, Renault Trucks has been field testing electric trucks in combination with its customer-partners to accumulate important information about the battery behavior, usage, maintenance requirements, and charging facilities.

Renault Truck’s real-world tests have helped their own customers to accept the electric technology. They have over a decade of involvement in all-electric trucks and all credit goes to the Renault Maxity.

Bruno Bln, President of Renault Trucks said that they are encouraging electric trucks to improve the city quality. They have also set up a range of electric vehicles with outstanding performance and many experts in this network to guide the customers. He added they have become experts from pioneers in this decade.

Zero emission and unrestricted access
Renault Trucks have launched a complete Z.E. range because of their previous electric trucks which have given a great response.

Renault Trucks Z.E. are the impeccable solutions to protect air quality and reduce congestion on roads, as these vehicles are noise-free and do not emit local pollutants and CO2.Some of the notable names in freight haulage have already opted for electromobility. One such name is XPO Logistics. The managing director of XPO Logistics Europe told that they have set an example as the transport industry has become aware of the demand for the alternative power. They praise and support their supplier Renault Trucks and encourage their investment in the growth of electric vehicles which offers a new practical approach towards zero emissions.

In September 2018, Renault Master Z.E. will be released which will be ideal for last-mile deliveries and also gives access to inner-city areas and also to those which have strict traffic restrictions. It takes only six hours to charge the battery of this all-electric utility vehicle.

The batteries of this model are placed under the front seats and the loading volume is same as of conventional diesel Renault Master. The Master Z.E. range has been designed in such a way that all of its requirements are parallel to urban environments. It also comes in six variants i.e. two platform cabs and four-panel vans.

Renault Trucks D Z.E.’s specially designed 16 t version is perfect for urban and controlled temperature deliveries. It will also come in 26 t version and both will be manufactured in Blainville-sur-Orne, Normandy, France in the mid of 2019.

Whenever it comes to electric trucks, the battery pack is the most expensive one. In the case of Renault Trucks, there are different ranges that fulfil the customers’ exact needs.

Both Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. and Renault Trucks D Z.E. have lithium-ion batteries that can be completely charged in one to two hours through the 150 kW Combo CCS connector. All credit goes to DC charging. Total 12 hours are taken to fully load a 300-kWh battery for overnight AC charging. A three-phase 380V 32A industrial power socket is required as well as sufficient for this case.

In terms of usage and bodywork for attaining maximum flexibility, the Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. and Renault Trucks D Z.E. are provided with a standard mechanical interface combined with a power take-off.

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