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REC Application and Issuance procedures

There is standard procedure from the accreditation to the issuance of REC’s. Trading would be supported by the exclusively assigned Power Exchanges.  Every RE generating entity requires to apply for the accreditation. Next step is application for the registration as an ‘eligible entity’. The certificate for registration to the concerned applicant (as ‘Eligible Entity’) confirming its entitlement to receive Renewable Energy Certificates. Further procedure followed by ‘Issuance’ and then ‘Redemption’ (i.e. trading of the REC’s on the platform of ‘Power Exchanges’ approved by the central agency- NLDC)


Following schematics shows how the overall process works out;

REC Procedures

REC Mechanism- India

Confused with REC or CDM?

Captive Power Producer (CPP) are eligible to earn RECs: Know more


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