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Key important sections to be filled in online REC accreditation application form

Electricity produced by Renewable Energy (RE) sources may conceptually be split into the pure electricity component and the “green” component. The “green” component is called as a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). One REC is equivalent to one megawatt hour of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Generators of renewable energy have the option of selling the electricity along with the green component or selling only the pure electricity component and selling the RECs separately.

Renewable energy project developer has to accredit its project with the State agency. State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) has designated a nodal agency in each state for the REC accreditation and other assigned work. Please click here to view the list of state agencies. In the process of accreditation, RE project developer (applicant) has to submit all the required documents to the State Agency. State agency verifies if all the criteria for the accreditation as specified by SERC/ CERC are fulfilled. Please click here and here to know more about REC mechanism and various procedures involved in it.

The process of accreditation starts with the collection of necessary documents such as Certificate of registration, PAN number, Article of Association (AoA), Memorandum of Association (MoA), Net worth of the company certified by CA, Audited financial statement of the company, Land ownership document, Grid connectivity permission letter received from DISCOM, Commissioning certificates received from state DISCOMS, Copy of Power Purchase Agreement, Energy Wheeling Agreement and Open Access permission letter (In case of third part sale), Metering details, Critical equipment details, etc. In addition, various undertaking documents have to be provided in the prescribed format given by the state agency.

With all these details, RE project developer (applicant) has to apply for the accreditation online using REC registry website. Dully filled application form with the enclosures (various documents as mentioned in the previous paragraph) need to be submitted to State nodal agency. Following portion of this article outlines various sections have to be filled in the said web based application form.

Renewable energy project owner details

  1. Name of Entity
  2. Project Number
  3. Name of Applicant
  4. Type of the Applicant
  5. Postal Address of the Applicant
  6. Primary Contact Person Name (Name of authorized signatory)
  7. Position/Designation
  8. Contact details (Phone/Fax/Email/Website)
  9. Appointed Person Name (In case Owner is Appointed Person)

Renewable energy project operator details

  • As asked in owner details

Electricity/Power Station Details

  1. Name of Power Station
  2. Physical Address of the RE Generating Station
  3. Geo-coordinates
  4. Category of Land
  5. Land Lease
  6. Total Installed Capacity of RE Generating Station (in kW)
  7. Type of Renewable energy source
  8. Total Number of Units
  9. Number of units for which Accreditation is sought
  10. Fossil fuel used details
  11. Proposed Monthly Gross Generation by units for Accreditation (kWh)

Commissioning and other details

  • Unit Number, Capacity and Date of Commissioning Details

Connectivity with Concerned Licensee

  1. Name of the Concerned Licensee under whose jurisdiction the entity is located
  2. Address of the Connected Licensee
  3. Contact details (Phone/Fax/Email)

Metering details

  1. Description of Meter Details (E.g. Line from, Line to, Voltage Level)
  2. Availability of separate meters, e.g. meter for 1) Gross Energy Generated 2) Auxiliary Consumption 3) Net Energy Injection to Grid 4) Self consumption in case CPP
  3. Information on Voltage at which electricity is generated and how the voltage is stepped up or down before use
  4. Statutory Clearances obtained by the RE Generating Station including Environmental Clearances

General Details

  1. Nature and Activities of the Applicant
  2. List of Directors/Partners of the Organization
  3. Income Tax PAN Details of the Applicant
  4. Details of the Earlier RE Project setup by the Applicant
  5. Basic Documents of the Company
  6. Net Worth of the Company (in INR Lakh, as mentioned in certified copy of financial statements)
  7. Estimated cost of the proposed project (in INR Lakh)

Details of Fee & Charges

  1. Name of the Bank
  2. Bank Draft Number/ECS Reference Number
  3. Date of Transaction
  4. Amount Paid
  5. Processing Fees

Enclosure Details

  • All the required documents for the REC accreditation as prescribed by state nodal agency

Information Source: REC regulations by CERC, REC registry website


Shailesh is post graduate in Environment Management from Forest Research Institute (FRI) University, Dehradun, India. Presently he is working in the areas of Environmental and Renewable Energy Advisory Services. He has started during his college days.

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