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Sustainable Urban Precincts Program PhD Scholarships in Australia, 2014

Title:Sustainable Urban Precincts Program PhD Scholarships in Australia, 2014


Organization’s profile:

RMIT is an accredited university. RMIT is accredited by the ASAIHL, ATN, GU8, OUA. Scholarship for this PHD program is being provided by Sustainable Urban Precincts Program (SUPP), Australia

Job Description:

Scholarship is available for PHD level of study.Program (SUPP). Seven Grants are available for PHS through the Sustainable Urban Precincts Program (SUPP). SUPP at RMIT is a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to achieve a fundamental shift in momentum toward sustainability and will result in more than environmental savings.


Candidate must have completed a bachelor degree with first class honours, or have demonstrated an equivalent level of academic attainment as determined by RMIT, be currently enrolled in, or have applied for, a full-time research program at RMIT and fulfill RMIT’s PhD Scholarship requirements.

How to apply:

For more information and to learn how to apply, click here

Last Date for the application:

31 May, 2014

Reference: RMIT

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