Data collection

Smart Citizen Kit Allows Even a Layman to Collect Data for Environment

An open-source package has been developed for collecting environmental data in a user-friendly way and is named as Smart Citizen Kit. This project aims at permitting anyone to accumulate environmental data, visualizing it, and sharing it with others with a little hassle. Smart Citizen Kit30

Food and environment

Impact of Your Food Habits on the Environment

Food is an essential requirement. We all agree on this. Food is the source of our energy, and, of course, food is what we all aim to achieve here on this planet for sustenance. Our working positions don’t matter much when food is served. We30

Pine forest

A healthier environment leads to a healthier brain

If you want your brain to work at its optimum level, make sure you stay in a healthy environment. Why? Because the environment around you matters more to your brain than you think. In fact, California Institute of Technology and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los30

Green Economy

Human Capital And Economy- An Exploratory Thought

The prevailing economic model does not take into account the social capital or human capital as one of its inputs. It is purely a function of the monetized natural resources. Although it considers the human capital but it is only limited to time equivalent and30

The Earth

An Outcry for Nature!

Seriously, climate change is not a myth. And it has been proven time and again! I suddenly remember the law of entropy which says every thermodynamic activity increases the entropy of the universe! In the same line, what we do causes an imbalance in nature.30

Green opportunity

Environmental Officer, Kerala PSC

Title: Environmental Officer, Kerala PSC Location: India Organization’s profile: Kerala PSC invites applications for the post of Environmental Officer.   Pay scale- Rs12,40-37,040/- Eligibility: The successful candidate should have a First or Second class Masters’ Degree of a recognised University in Environmental  Sciences/Environmental Studies/ Environment Management/ Environmental Engineering or Environmental Technology. Desirable: Ph.D30

Green opportunity

MSc Sustainable Environments Scholarship, 2014

Title: MSc Sustainable Environments Scholarship at University of Gloucestershire in UK, 2014 Location: UK Organization’s profile: University of Gloucestershire is an accredited university. University of Gloucestershire is accredited by the million. Eligibility: The successful candidate should be an international fee paying students applying for a full-time MSc Sustainable Environments course starting in30

Green opportunity

SBI Youth Fellowship, 2014

Title: SBI Youth Fellowship, 2014 Location: Delhi Organization’s profile: State Bank of India (SBI) has a fellowship programme to encourage rural participation among the youth. This fellowship programme is initiated, funded and managed by SBI in partnership with reputed NGOs to bring together India’s best young minds to work30