A wiki for crops that can stop climatic variations

Collaborating with a network of gardeners, farmers and researchers, Apios Institute is an organization that intends to share information and experiences to bridge the knowledge gaps and provide inspiration regarding the design as well as the management of the perennial polyculture systems across the various30

artificial intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Save Our Planet?

In the 1990’s, IBM developed “Deep Blue,” a software program that could play chess. It could look at the pieces on a chessboard and make predictions about winning moves. In fact, the program beat the champion, Garry Kasparov, by analyzing possible moves and choosing the30

Big Data

Big Data and Climate Change

Whatever is recorded or captured constitutes data. Data is an abiotic entity concealing within a multitude of information required for classifying existence, making economies, deliberating living standards and helping global transactions operate smoothly. Mathematical formulations govern the storage of data sets in every sphere of30