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Munnar hillstation, Kerala

How ecotourism can support local communities?

Ever wondered what’s common between Munnar, the Sundarbans or Coorg? Well, they are all ecotourism spots in India and attract hundreds of visitors from all across the world every year. Ecotourism is traveling to places which are famous for environmental conservation and natural beauty while ensuring the well-being of the locals living in the area….

Plastic Pollution

Cement Plant to get fuel from Plastic Waste from Goa

Karnataka-based Vasavdatta Cement has signed an MOU with Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) and will now be utilising the plastic waste generated in Goa as fuel for its plant. Alina Saldanha, the environment minister of Goa said that the plastic waste collected from highways and other roads would be baled before being handed over…