Electric Cars – Changing future mobility – Part 1

This is a three part series on electric cars. Although, widely popular in earlier centuries, they faded out but are now making a comeback due to the environment friendly nature. Below is a list of the most amazing models of electric cars.

1. BMW i3

The BMW i3 is available at a much higher price but is less than the Tesla but you get excellent quality and the comfort that only BMW can provide. The interior is spacious and acceleration quick.

As per BMW, sustainable practice was involved in manufacturing the car too, “Fibers of the kenaf plant are used in other places. Interior leather is treated with natural substances (only), such as olive leaf extract. And one of the interior options includes Eucalyptus wood, which is quite pretty and sustainably grown.”


Vital Statistics1

CO2 emissionO0-100 (s)7.2
Top speed150km/hMax Torque 250
Max range190 kmFull charge6-8 hrs (30 min for fast charge)

2. Tesla Model X

The Tesla model X was unveiled in 2012. It has open falcon wings (how cool is that!) and is highly spacious. Offered in two variants with a 60 kWh or an 85 kWh battery and is a dual motor all-wheel drive.

Tesla Model X

Vital Statistics2

CO2 emission00-60 m/h 5.4 seconds
Electric range60kW·h- 340 km*85kW·h- 430 km*  

3. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is has many advanced features such as touch screen, keyless entry and is very spacious. The Model S is available for purchase in US since 2012 and in Europe since 2013. Plans are in pipeline for producing a right hand drive version.

Tesla Model S

Vital Statistics3

CO2 emission00-100 (s)4.4
Top speed60kWh-120 m/h85kWh-125 m/h85kWh(performance)- 130m/hPower60kWh-302 hp85kWh-362hp85kWh-416hp
Electric range60kWh- 230 m85kWh-300mTotal Storage63.4 cubic ft.

4. Volkswagen e-Up!

Costs £19,250 in the UK and looks nice with premium interiors. Has great choices like in car entertainment and AC etc.

VW white up

Vital Statistics4

CO2 emission00-60m/h (s)12.4
Top speed80m/hPower82KW
Charging Time30 min (DC)600 min (AC)Luggage Storage250 L


5. Nissan e-NV200

An improvement over the previous vehicle, e-NV200 is going to be available for purchase ether as a van or a five-seater  and will have huge luggage space naturally.

Nissan e-NV 200

Vital Statistics5

CO2 emission0SpaceSpacious sliding doors
Top speed120km/hBattery capacity24kWh
Charging Time30 for 80% Luggage volume4.2m3


6. Chevrolet Spark EV

Spark EV is the electric variant of the five-door mini-car by the same firm. Widely tipped as the most efficient model, it is a powerful eco-friendly vehicle.

Chevrolet Spark EV

Vital Statistics6

CO2 emission0Torque400lb-ft
Top speed90m/hLuggage capacity12.4 cubic ft
Charging Time20min for 80% Range82 miles


7. Toyota RAV4EV

Toyota RAV4EV is the electric variant of the Toyota RAV4 by the same firm. Provided with smart key, it has a host of entertainment and value features as well.

Toyota RAV4EV

Vital Statistics7

CO2 emission0Torque273 lb-ft (peak)
Top speed90m/hLuggage capacity73 cubic ft
Charging Time6.5-8hrsRange103 miles


8. Smart ED

It is a tiny two seater which is great for urban mobility where space is a requisite. Length is 106 inches from tip to tail, and 62 inches tall and wide, the smart car can creep almost anywhere even in tiny spaces.

Smart ED

Vital Statistics8

CO2 emission0Torque96 lb-ft (peak)
Top speed78m/h0-6- miles11.5 seconds
Charging Time20-25 miles in one hr chargeRange68 miles


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* Expected or speculated, actual information will be available only when vehicle release is near.

Image credit: 1) BMW-i3- RudolfSimon, 2) Tesla Model X – Steve Jurvetson, 3) VW white upM 93, 4) Nissan e-NV200-Norbert Aepli, 5) Chevrolet Spark EV- Tennen-Gas 6) Toyota RAV4EV-IFCAR 7) Smart ED – IFCAR  8) Tesla Model S : Shal Farley


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