What We Can Learn From the Flint River Crisis

As of Jan 16, Flint, Michigan, is in a national state of emergency due to contaminated water. The problem is that it’s only now happened. The government, in many ways, failed the citizens of Flint. Their water has been contaminated, their requests for assistance were largely ignored and, to add salt to the wound, the local government continues doling out water bills. If you look at the water in Flint, you can tell it’s dirty. It comes out of the40

Washing powder_ditergent

Insight into the World of Detergents

The timeline of production of synthetic detergent dates back to the time of World War-I, when there was an acute shortage of the essential ingredients of soap i.e. animal fats and vegetable oil, it was then that in Germany, synthetic detergent was developed for the first time. The advantage of using synthetic detergent was that it not only better suited the textile industry but also did not combine with mineral salts present in water to form soap curd which was40

The Yamuna is DYING, why DELHIITES need to be concerned…

According to the findings of a project undertaken by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) the Yamuna is reeling under the enormous pollution levels and this is affecting the food chain. “During the monsoon season, the river water floods the land and contaminates reach the soil. The vegetables growing in this soil absorb the contaminants. Vegetables grown in the flood plains namely — spinach, cauliflower, and radish were tested for the contaminants. The concentration of heavy metals was found to40