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A+++, light and budget neutral town hall Woerden

Today, the renewed Woerden town hall and Regional Historic Centre Rijnstreek and Lopikerwaard will be festively opened. The revitalization was designed by cepezed architects and cepezedinterior. The old housing was in bad constructional and construction physical shape. As a result, it used a lot of energy30


May 2019: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1. Shorter work weeks to deal climate crises Findings based on OECD and UN data reports in a research paper reveal that people across Europe will have to work fewer hours to avoid climatic heating and decarbonization of the economy. Research shows UK, Sweden and30

Electric Car at Charging Station in Berlin

May 2019: Monthly Electric Vehicle News Roundup

1.Tesla: Shortage in Electric vehicle battery minerals expected -sources According to sources, Sarah Maryssael Tesla’s global supply manager for battery metals told a closed door conference of miners, regulators, lawmakers that owing to underinvestment in mining sector, Tesla expects global shortage of minerals like nickel,30

Electric Car at Charging Station in Berlin

April 2019: Monthly Electric Vehicle News Roundup

1. Electric vehicles body strives to split localization from subsidy motivations The government has rolled out subsidy eligibility criteria based on certain performance parameters for various classes of electric vehicles (EVs). The incentives would be valid if the manufacturer has at least 50% of local30

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cepezed designs first self-sufficient bus station in The Netherlands

Delft, Netherlands, 2019-04-30 – Recently, the new bus station in Tilburg was taken into use. Just like the renovation of the train station and the new bicycle parkings in the railway zone, the bus station was designed by cepezed architects. The new public transport facility30


April 2019: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1.Germany to strengthen cooperation with Angola. Dirk Lolk, the German Ambassador to Angola on his working visit to Cabinda said that Germany would strengthen its cooperation with Angola in the renewable energy sector. The diplomat, who is identifying areas for electricity subsector, praised the cooperation30