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Draft Municipal Solid Waste (management and handling) rules 2013

Solid Waste Dumping SiteMinistry of environment and forests (MoEF) has released draft rules for management and handling of municipal solid waste.

Once implemented, it will become mandatory for the municipalities in the state to develop landfills and submit annual reports to state government and pollution control board.

The ministry has put forth the draft of municipal solid waste (management and handling) rules 2013 in public domain for suggestions and comments.

It also has detailed guidelines and specifications for setting up landfills.

Municipal bodies shall develop the necessary infrastructure development for collection, storage, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste directly or by engaging agencies or groups as per the rules.

The new rules also make it mandatory for the municipal authority to prepare solid waste management plan as per the policy of the state government.

Summary of the draft rules is as under-

Municipal authority responsible for implementation of rulesand for the necessary infrastructure development for collection, storage, segregation, transportation,processing and disposal of municipal solid waste. SPCB’s and PCC will monitor the progress of implementation of Action Plan and the compliance of the standards regarding ground water, ambient air, leachate quality and the compost quality. Central Pollution Control Board shall publish requisite guidelines for processing/treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste from time to time. Landfill sites shall be set up as per guidelines of Ministry of UrbanDevelopment.Existing landfill sites which are in use for more than five years shall be improved and the landfill site shall be large enough to last for at least 20-25 years.

*SPCB- State Pollution Control Board

** PCC (Pollution Control Committee in a Union Territory)

Reference and further reading;


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