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Economic importance of Mesua ferrea


Mesua ferra
Mesua ferra -Tree

Family: Calophyllaceae
Genus: Mesua
Species: M. ferrea
Common name: Nahor, Nag kesar
Origin: India

Description: Evergreen tree, leaves opposite, decussate, very variable, linear, lanceolate, oblong lanceolate, elliptic oblong, obtuse or acute at the base. Leaves   crimson red turning pink and ultimately becoming dark green. Flowers white,  sweet scented axillary and terminal on short and stout peduncles usually solitary.

Economic Importance:

  • Much planted as an ornamental around the temples and as avenue tree etc.
  • A good ornamental tree with almost all its parts very useful. The timber is very durable and used for various purposes.
  • The seed oil, dried flowers are very fragrant, stamens stuffed in pillows for their pleasant scent in Madura, (Indonesia).The fruits and seeds are sometimes eaten.
  • The oleo-resin from the bark, roots and immature fruits sometimes used as a substitute for Canada balsam.
  • The parts used in various medicines include root, bark, leaves, a paste and a syrup of the flowers and seed oil, etc.


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