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FLIT-16: The electric bike you can fold in just 10 seconds

If you are looking for an urban commuting solution that is eco-friendly, has class, and offers great functionality, then FLIT-16 is the product for you. Manufactured in Cambridge, the team working on the product includes engineers who have been with Jaguar Land Rover.

Buyers can choose a FLIT-16 model in three colours — Maya blue, Blaze organise and Marengo grey. The bike weighs 46kgs, which includes the battery. On a single charge, one can travel around 30-50lm on the bike. How far one can commute using the bike depends on the level of assistance chosen by the rider, the terrain and a person’s weight. 

Electric bicycle
Electric bike. Image for illustration purpose only. Credit: cottonbro,

The FLIT-16 bike sports a very intuitive and user-friendly mechanism. For instance, once the motor is alerted about the pedalling, it amplifies by drawing power from the rear hub motor. With a motor in the rear wheels, once gets more acceleration and better performance. The 220W rear hub motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery which is integrated into the top tube. 

The motor is manufactured by the company Bafang, which has had the experience of working with several other ebike manufacturers. The firm also has many service centres in Europe which pave for quicker and more convenient servicing. 

Talking about charging, one can easily charge this electric bike by plugging the charger into a mains socket with the port attached to the top tube. Alternatively, you can remove the battery to charge it separately. Just take care to remove the seat post and the security screw while taking the battery out, Next, plug the battery into the mains socket with the charge. FLIT-16 takes around three hours to charge. For their future models, the FLIT-16 team is looking to experiment with regenerative braking. The bike is manufactured and assembled in a factory based out of Taiwan. The makers of the product claim that the country’s reputation of manufacturing high-quality aluminium electric bikes and specialised frames was the reason why they chose the destination. 

If you are worried about the safety of your FLIT-16 while going out, there is little to worry about. The bike comes with a special lock. The battery locks into the frame with the help of a security screw to keep thieves at bay. With this feature, you can easily park the bike and move around while being at peace. 

Given the efficiency of modern angle grinders, it is advised that you keep the ebike inside. FLIT-16 has joined hands with luggage company Vincita to design a customized travel bag in which you can keep the bag once it is folded. You can get the bag by paying extra. The bag adds to the portability of the bike, again making it the perfect companion for commuting.

The makers of this like spoiling their buyers for choice, which is probably why they offer two kinds of travel bags to store the bike in its folded form. You can choose between the Frost + Sekers saddle mounted bag or the FLIT x Vincita handlebar bag. One can look at both the bags in the ‘accessories’ section of FLIT-16’s official website.

Another great feature is the rear light which is fitted in the battery back. As the bike also has a front light, it means that you will never forget the lights. As the rims of the bike are the 16-inch 349 ETRTO type, they can fit most tyres. Bigger and wider tyres like the Schwalbe Big Apple might be the exception. The team of FLIT-16 has been testing the vehicle with Marathon Racer Plus tyres as well as those from Schwalbe Kojak and the results have been impressive.

A rather discreet yet extremely useful feature of this bike is the lithium-ion cell technology that is hidden in its frame. The feature enables you to travel around 50 kilometers which the company claims are three times the average cycle commute. It maximizes the rigidity of the frame so that you get the best riding experience. Lastly, it adds an edge to the design.

When you are done with riding, you can fold the bike in just 10 seconds and three simple steps. The mainframe of FLIT-16 is free of hinges which maximizes rigidity. It weighs just 13 kilograms, which makes it extremely easy to carry around. The compact size makes the bole easily foldable and you can fit it anywhere be it under your desk or a seat on a train.

Then there is the customized suspension system so that all your journeys are smooth. The bike makes for a very reasonable deal as its body is made of 6000 series aluminum frame that is resistant to corrosion. The steel reinforcements in the hinges will ensure that they last a long time. The bike’s small wheels ensure that there is faster acceleration. The suspension system comprises rubber discs sandwiched between hard aluminum discs. You can also switch on or turn off the LED lights on the front and rear with the handlebar display.

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