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GM launches its power-packed Hummer EV range

Slated to be rolled out in fall 2021, the all-new GMC Hummer EV has been creating waves before its release. The electric vehicle is expected to be loaded with features that have nothing in common with Hummer’s other models.

Hummer. Image for illustration purpose only.

There are several new attractions launched by General Motors in its upcoming range of Hummer electric vehicles. For starters, there is the UltraVision which is courtesy of the underbody cameras. UltraVision gives 18 angles, each different from the other. The waterproof cameras provide real-time views so that you can choose the best trail. They face the rear and forward direction and are strategically placed so that they can focus beyond the skid plates.

They also sport replaceable lens protectors and a wash function. The especially 35-inch tyres make for towering ground clearance. The specially engineered tires offer optimal balance both on and off the road. A feature that stands out about the Hummer EV range is the stellar off-road driving experience. The independent front and rear suspension make both off-pavement handling and driving on highways a hassle-free experience. Meanwhile, the virtual rear lockers and the e-lockers present on the front give you an optimal level of traction. Ball-spline half shafts maximise articulation and lower steering feedback as you go off-road or go hard cornering.

The car sports tinted sky panels designed to deflect the sun. Then there’s a 14-speaker Bose audio system which enables you to experience enviable acoustics. The vehicle comes with a driving assistance system so that you can also enjoy a hands-free experience. The automatic lane changing feature can be used on over 200 miles of compatible roads. The interiors of the electric car ooze luxury. The interiors sport a unique combination of splendour and innovation. The theme of the design is the lunar horizon which is inspired by the intergalactic landscapes and other scenic landscapes. The interiors are durable and the flooring is suitable for all types of weather. You can have customized data and other settings at your command with the 12.3-inch driver information centre and a diagonal touchscreen.

Let’s get a look at the various models of Hummer EV in the pipeline:

  1. Hummer EV2: This beast of a car will hit the markets in the spring of 2024. It is powered by two motors. Its standard features include super cruise driver assistance and an HD surround vision. Apart from a digital key, you get 22-inch wheels with 35-inch OD tyres. An infinity roof, a rear drop glass and MultiPro tailgate are some of the other attractions that are boosting the car’s appeal. It is capable of being fast charged at 400-VC DC current. It gives you a mile range of more than 250 and 625 HP/7,400 LB-FT of torque. The starting range for this car is $79,995.
  • Hummer EV2x: This model is expected to be rolled out by spring 2023 and has a starting price of $89,995. Like the Hummer, EV2 is also powered by two motors and gives you a mile range of around 300. Another similarity between the two models is that they both come with 625 HP/7,400 LB-FT of torque. The electric car has all standard features which come with the Hummer EV2. Its other features include four-wheel steering. By just pressing a button, this Hummer model can do a crab walk. The available extract mode and adaptive air suspension only enhance the riding experience. It can be charged at an 800-Volt DC outlet.
  • Hummer EV3x: This model starts at $99,995 and will be available in the fall season of 2022. Unlike the other two models of Hummer EV2 and Hummer EV2x, this one boasts of three motors. Apart from all the standard features that are inbuilt in the Hummer EV2x, this model also sports some additional features. These include torque vectoring and 22-inch premium wheels. They offer 800HP/ 7,500 LB-FIT torque. Its estimated mile range exceeds 300.
  • Hummer EV Edition 1: This is the only electric car model for which the company is not accepting any reservations. It would be available in the fall season of 2021. Like the Hummer EV3x, this model also comes with three motors and at a starting price of $112, 595.  Its estimated mile range is over 350 and the torque is 1,000 HP/ 11,500 LB-FT. You can rev up this electric car to up to 60 miles in just three seconds. Apart from the usual features that one gets with Hummer EV3x, there are lots to look forward to. You can hit up to 60 miles per hour with the ‘Watts to Freedom’ feature of this car. Next, it is accompanied by an extreme off-road package. Like all other models, this one is capable of being charged using an 800-Volt DC outlet up to 350 kW. One can charge nearly 100 miles in 10 minutes. The infinity roof allows you to enjoy the weather while driving. It also sports transparent modular sky panels. The car has a white exterior and an exclusive interior badge.

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