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Green Clean Guide in conversation with Dr. George Peter- Founder and Director, Mithradham

Mithradham is an NGO dedicated towards promotion of Renewable energy. Renewable energy centre Mithradham is the first fully solar educational institution in India dedicated to the promotion of Renewable Energy, expecially solar energy in India. GCG interviewed Dr. George Peter, Founder and Director, Mithradham.

When was Mithradham established and how was the idea conceived?

Mithradham was established in 2000.

I think that many problems of the modern man are related to the quality of environment. Many diseases, especially of children and the young have its roots in the polluted environment and inactive modern life style. Fossil energy sources play a major role in polluting the environment. Hence a sustainable, development oriented solution to these problems could be reached only if humans get rid of the polluting energy sources and related way of life. This has prompted me to start a centre for the promotion of environment and renewable energy.

What are some of the chief activities and objectives of your organisation?

The chief activities of Mithradham are, education and training in environment and renewable energy related matters, study tours for various groups, short term special packages for interested groups on environment and renewable energy related topics, yearly training programmes in solar PV, solar thermal and energy form biomass, Global Village action week for the promotion of renewable energy and international networking, short term project work and  all other possible activities for the promotion of environment and renewable energy. We promote creative minds for innovative solutions and hard work to tackle human misery.

The objectives of our organisation include demonstration, education, training in environment and energy related matters by all possible means.

I understand that Mithradham also conducts three programmes in the fields of solar and biomass? You also have a school partnership programme? How can individuals apply for the same?

For all the programmes individuals can apply by sending an e-mail to the director.

Since greencleanguide is also into renewable energy, we would like to know more about Mithradham’s work in promoting awareness of renewable energy technology?

The work we do in promoting renewable energy are:

Demonstrating all the renewable energy technologies in actual use, conducting short term programmes , training programmes and study tour programmes. We have also initiated a Clean Ernakulam District Campaign in 2010.We have a network of committed and target oriented people who work hard for achieving the goal who are working from their present places.

Please tell us about the Multifunctional Energy roof?

The multifunctional energy roof is a solar energy roof which has many functions. For eg. it is used as a normal roofing, a electric power station, an education and exhibition centre under the roof ( in plan), a training facility.

Mithradham itself uses many of the renewable energy technologies to meet its requirements. Apart from solar, which technologies do you employ?

Apart from solar we use wind energy, solar thermal for drying, hot water systems, solar cooking, rain water harvesting, various small applications etc.

How can individuals join in your efforts?

Everybody can join in our effort from where they work. We could suggest concrete steps by knowing each individual. The cooperation is individual specific and can be done from their own places. They would also be able to earn money for their work if they want so.

Are you also in touch with such other international groups/ communities?

We are in touch with a number of national and international groups.

Does Mithradham also help in grooming of upcoming NGO’s through capacity building and funding support? How can interested organisation join hands to learn from your work?

We would help in all ways we can depending on the availability of resources and time.

What are your future plans and activities?

I, founder and the present director of Mithradham, am a firm believer in God. I just follow the inner call and do my best. If God wants, he will motivate people and bring the necessary resources. This has been my experience in the past. I will follow the inner call also in future.  We are open to everything and encourage all to grow with their roots firmly fixed in the soil they are in with their uniqueness and produce fruits unique to them.

Any other information you would like to share?

We have only one home, one life on this earth. Let us make heaven here thorough love and sharing making our unique contributions for the present and the future.

If you wish to learn more about Mithradham or join in their work, contact them here-


Address- Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham, Chunangamveli, Aluva, Kochi, 683112 Kerala, India

Are you someone or do you know someone who is active in the field of environment for the larger benefit of communities? Drop us a mail at with a short introduction and contact details. We will get in touch with you for an interview.

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