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How Tarform is taking the electric motorcycles segment by storm

As environmental concerns like climate change and carbon emission feature into a list of concerns of corporate companies, automakers too are giving sustainable transport solutions to their fair share of thought. From electric cars and bikes to green fuel, the automobile industry is gravitating towards more environmentally responsible vehicles. The shift has also shed light on how internal combustion engines (ICE) are bad for the environment.

tarform electric motorcycles
Tarform, electric motorcycle

An internal combustion engine is one where the engine produces power through the combustion of fuels like petrol and diesel with air. The hot gases resulting from the combustion in the engine power the piston and get a car or a motorcycle moving. These machines have been slammed by environmentalists as they are not good for the environment. In an ICE-powered vehicle, the combustion of fuel in the engine is accompanied by the release of pollutants like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. These gases contributed to environmental problems like acid rain, climate change, and rising air pollution. The prolonged exposure to these gases can also lead to damaged lungs.

Given their effects on the environment, many countries have pledged to ban or at least phase out the use of ICEs. Electric vehicles are grabbing a larger share with their green energy appeal. Countries like France and Norway are drafting plans to ensure a switch-over to an electric vehicle while restricting the use of vehicles running on ICEs. A study suggests that by 2040 the majority of the cars being driven on US roads would be of the electric variety. 

In tandem with how the global automobile industry is changing, several companies like Tarform are launching electric vehicles and motorcycles for the environmentally conscious rider. The company’s products are not only eco-friendly but give you reasonable value for your money.

Built to last, Tarform electric motorcycles are wooing clients with their focus on clean technology. These motorcycles are custom-made and come with features like a top of the line suspension and performance brake systems. What makes these vehicles reliable and powerful are its battery module cells from Sony and control systems from Sevcon. Each of the frames is welded by hand.

Its USP is a unique strategy for using plant-based construction. The company uses algae pigment to do away with the requirement of paints and primers. The pigment is iron-based in structure as a mono-material is mixed with algae. The motorcycle’s body uses bio-based resin, which nixes the need for use of petrochemicals. Moreover, a flax seed weave serves as reinforces the composite panel construction.

 You can rev up the motorcycle from 0 to 60kmph in just 3.8 seconds. It sports a compact and sleek design as there is no gearbox or clutch. You just have to press the clutch and ride smoothly. Tarform electric motorcycles give you a range of 120 miles. To optimize the range, a rider can easily switch between the three modes. One can charge it to up to 80% in roughly 50 minutes by plugging it into a Level 2 charger or any outlet in your house. Its starting price is US$ 24,000 and is available in three variants – Luna, Racer and Scrambler. 

The single-seater motorcycles are based on three core principles. The first being a forward-looking design. The manufacturers have ensured that motorcycles parts are upgradable multiple times while keeping in mind an aesthetic appearance. The second principle on which the motorcycle is based is intelligence. The bike uses sensors to ensure a safe riding experience for users while offering insights to the rider. The third principle on which the motorcycles’ design is based on is respect to nature.

The manufacturing process focuses on the use of bio-based and recyclable materials, which not only ensure a sustainable design but also high performance. In other words, the motorcycle was designed with an aim to do the minimum harm to the environment. According to the company’s website, the amount of plastic ending up in the world’s oceans would exceed the number of fishes by 2050. Keeping such concerns in mind, the company chooses to use unconventional materials for the design, which do not contribute to waste.

Apart from Tarform, there are several other companies that have also made a foray into the electric motorcycle segment. For starters, TORP bike is a great option for those for whom the power to weight ratio is a priority. The bike weighs just 64 pounds and offers a top speed of 50mph. Also, it has a low centre of gravity and is powered by a single battery. The bike can be charged up to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Another option is the Vespa Elettrica, which is often described as one of the best electric bikes for regular commuting. It can be driven in tow standard modes – Eco and Power – and their top speeds are 18.6mph and 30mph respectively. There is also a third mode, reverse which comes handy while parking.

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