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Importance of GHG management in Greenco Certification

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) -Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre has developed the ‘Greenco rating’ system for evaluating the ‘greenness of companies’. The rating system is the “first of its kind in the world” to assess and analyze the environmental impact of a company’s activities or operations. CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organization.

The Greenco rating system has adopted performance based approach for the applying companies. The Greenco rating system covers both the Individual manufacturing & service related facilities. It also includes Existing Facilities.  Eligible sectors under Greenco Certification are – Automobile & Engineering, Cement, Phosphate, Fertilizers, FMCG, Glass, Hotel, Iron, Steel & Non Ferrous Metals, IT Hardware / Electronics, IT Services/ Solutions , Pharmaceutical & Chemicals, Pulp & Paper , Refineries & Petrochemicals, Service Sector and Textile.

“The rating system employs a holistic approach, wherein, it not only advises businesses on strategy and actions required but also provides mechanisms to quantify the impact of such actions and make course corrections if required”.

Greenco rating system has assigned following parameters;

Parameters of Greenco rating system

The first step to reduce GHG emissions of the organization is to measure it. GHG inventory helps an organization to take further actions for emission reduction. GHG emission reduction is also included in Greenco rating system.  In addition, implementation of parameters like Energy efficiency, Renewable energy and Life cycle assessment contributes in GHG emission reduction. All these parameters majorly contribute in getting top levels of Greenco certification by weightage of 425 points. Company can reach to Platinum level (of Greenco certification) with greater than750 points. Alongwith GHG emission reduction and associated parameters, organization can achieve Bronze Level Certification. There are five levels of certifications/rating – Certified (350 – 449 points), Bronze (450 – 549 points), Silver (550 – 649 Points), Gold (650 – 749 Points) and Platinum (> 750 points).

Greenco rating system not only helps organizations to become green and sustainable but also helps in improving brand image. Companies can use tag of ‘Greenco’ certified company in their letterheads and other corporate communications. This can further help in improving brand image of the company in green domain.

Reference:  Greenco Certification Official Website

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