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Microlino- Smallest Electric Car

Back in early 2016, Microlino initially showed a desire to come with a new electric interpretation of the BMW Isetta, which is the classic 1950s bubble car. There were some many unexpected design delays noticed in the model, but finally, this stylish EV has been approved by the European Union as street legal and the first delivery is expected by early 2019.


The measurements of the final Microlino measure around 2.4 meters (7.8 ft) in length, 450 kg (990 lb) without the battery and passenger in weight. It spans the maximum speed of 90 km/h (55 mp/h). The vehicle has a varied range of 74 or 124 mi i.e. 120 or 200 km depending on the size of the battery.  The battery can be easily recharged using a conventional power socket in just four hours. Excluding all the taxes, it is expected to cost around $14,000.

In 2015, the first design drafts were created and it was based on the vision to build the ideal city vehicle. The objective set was to manufacture a vehicle, which was based on the 50ies bubble cars concept but with modifications in design and technology.

Moreover, it is also eco-friendly in usage and production. In just four hours, the batteries with 14.4kW/hr (49,134 BTU) can be easily charged from any regular outlet. It has a spacing of 300 litres.

A total of seven combinations of colour will be available- orange/white, blue/white, mint/white, red/white, grey/white, all-black, and all-white. This will also have a functional sunroof and that will be used as a standard in every vehicle.

Wim Ouboter is the person behind this invention. Wim Ouboter was the mind behind inventing the Kickboard and Micro Scooter. Later, he transformed it into a Lifestyle Product. This product has now been distributed in over 80 countries. His incredible idea transformed the concept of urban mobility and the thought relating transportation in cities.

He had an idea of creating an eco-friendly and space-saving vehicle for urban mobility in association with his sons. This car is occupied by only 1.2 people and it drives 35 kilometres per day. A perfect blend of a motorbike and car is an ideal vehicle for urban use.

Bubble cars are the other name of these kinds of vehicles and they were very much popular in 50’s. People demanded more comfort than on a motorbike, but the problem was they were unable to afford a real car. The want of people got decreased with the rise in their living standards. By 1962, the production of bubble cars was stopped.

The idea was also then shifted to electric scooters, which are defined as motorized bicycles driven by human power or together by an electric motor and human power. These kind of scooters are easy to ride and makes your breeze up and downhill riding easier by not even breaking a drop of sweat. The Micro Condor and Micro Eagle can speed up to 30km/h, but legally, can be driven up to maximum 20km/h on public roads. These are an impeccable option to avoid traffic and crowded public transportations.

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