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National Mission on Sustainable Habitat

It is one of the eight climate change missions of India. It is a recognition of the fact that climate change is likely to have impacts on river systems, sea levels, in temperature all of which result in change in energy consumption along with socio-economic and demographic linkages. The rural and landless populace is more likely to bear the brunt in cases of forced migrations as with little technical skills, they are forced to live a life of penury in urban areas.

The National Mission on sustainable Habitat has been established with the following objectives-

  • To reduce energy demand by promoting alternative technologies and energy conservation practices in both residential and commercial areas.
  • Better Urban Planning with a view to enable better disaster management; promoting patterns of urban planning that enable lesser use of private and more usage of public transport. Promoting and encouraging use of lesser polluting vehicles.
  • Encourage community involvement and dialogue for more sustainable pattern of development; participation of stakeholders.
  • Conservation of natural resources such as clean air, water, flora and fauna that are the keystones of sustainable human habitats.

Salient Features of the National Mission on Sustainable Habitat

National Mission on sustainable Habitat
Know more about NMSH on The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

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