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New power programs and policies by MNRE, GOI

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftopAs per releases, the Government of India has brought out an Integrated Energy Policy (IEP) covering all sources of energy including renewable energy sources.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has made a Plan for a capacity addition of about 30,000 MW power during the 12th Plan period (2012-17) from various renewable energy sources mostly through private sector participation in the country. India has an ambitious plan of securing energy from solar sector through the National Solar Mission which is a flagship program of GOI.

Under the IEP, State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) for renewable energy have been designated by respective State Governments. The main objectives of these SNAs include-

  • to promote renewable energy technologies and create an environment conducive to their commercialization through innovative/pilot  project

  • Assist Central & State Government in implementation, coordination and monitoring of renewable energy programmes.

  • Information, dissemination and public awareness through training programmes, publications, exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

The MNRE has also sanctioned the State Renewable Energy Development Agencies and other implementing agencies solar PV mini/micro grid projects in 176 villages in six States during last 2 years.

State/ UT wise details are given in the table below:

S.No Name of State No. of Villages
1 Bihar 12
2 Haryana 1
3 Jharkhand 9
4 Madhya Pradesh 29
5 Rajasthan 24
6 Uttar Pradesh 101

Under the Mera Gaon Micro grid power system is implementing Mini grid plants in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The cost of the micro-grid system depends upon the quality of the components. If entire hardware is available on site the system can be installed in a day depending upon the size of the system.

Under the Off-grid and Decentralized Solar Applications Scheme of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, the Ministry provides capital subsidy of 30% of the cost for installation of solar micro and mini grid systems limited to Rs. 105/- per Wp  upto 10 kWp micro grid (DC) and Rs. 90/- per Wp for the systems having module capacity in the range of 10 kWp up to 250 kWp with a minimum warranty of 5 year for the complete system, in the rural and remote areas of the country.



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