Rooftop solar project at Pune MIDC

Is It Possible To Power The Entire World With Just Solar Energy?

The sun is the primary source of energy on earth. The earth’s surface receives only a part of the solar radiation (2 units out of 1,00,00,00,000 units of energy radiated by the sun) known as Solar Insolation. The interesting piece of research has been published30

floating solar

India to Establish Solar floating Power Plants

Like China and a few of the Southeast Asian nations, India is also displaying interest in floating solar plants. The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) inaugurated India’s largest floating solar plant, a 500 kW plant in late 2017. This solar plant floats on approximately 1.2530


SolarGaps Interesting Concept of Generating Power from Solar Blinds

In a world which is struggling to strike balance between its exhaustible energy reserves and the needs of the society conservation is a crucial concern. The cries of scientists calling for smarter energy consumption decisions seems to have finally ring a bell with the public,30

Solar Module

India’s surge in solar power- Road Ahead

Ministry of new and renewable energy, the nodal agency for renewable energy in India is currently negotiating a 1 billion loan with Germany’s development bank, and if it comes through then the fund would be used exclusively for rooftop solar plants. Germany has already committed30

Solar Module

Solar Parks Investment

India’s flagship environment ministry, the MNRE has turned out with a draft plan for advancement of sun based parks and ultra mega sun powered projects which will in turn lead to deployment of expansion of 20,000 MW of sun oriented solar power. India is currently30

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

Solar growth likely to boost in coming years

India’s solar industry is expected to see better growth in the coming years, helped by rising energy demand and various other factors, as per report by Tata Strategic Management Group. The solar sector however is faced by many bottlenecks such as a lack of a30