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Piqapoo – The solution to picking your pet’s poo

Piqapoo, the solution for collecting dog’s poo, compromises of two main parts- a silicone plastic clip and a collection bag. The plastic clip comes with soft silicone cushioning to provide complete comfort to the dog when fit around the bottom of its tail. No matter what size or what breed, this silicone clip can be easily adjusted and is so comfortable and weightless that the dogs don’t even realize its presence.

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The thin plastic used in making the collection bag makes it weightless while at the same time sturdy to avoid any leakages. These bags that hang beneath the clip are disposable. The nylon opaque cover of this bag ensures that the feces are not visible outside. Moreover dogs don’t find this bag bulky.

Amazingly positive feedback has been received from testing this solution on over hundred dogs. Piqapoo can be fit easily and is also durable to hold dog feces of any kind. With Piqapoo disposal of dog waste is cleaner and simpler. Plastic bags and scoopers will now be things of the past with this disposal solution.

Before you go out, just set Piqapoo on your pet’s tail and the poop would get collected in the bag directly. Now you can enjoy a clean stroll with your dog, with no worries of stained hands and dirty grounds.

You no longer have to take the pains to stoop and remove the poop with your bag-covered hands. And moreover, the soft clip placed on your dog’s tail is completely harmless.

Some dog lovers along with dog owners do not appreciate the look of the dangling bag fixed to the magnetic strap coiled to the lower portion of the dog’s body and have passed degrading comments on the product. Considering the concerns related to dog’s poop, this solution is not half bad.

Unless you are not bothered about the stench or attracting germs or the mess or the bad name in the neighborhood, it is certain that with pet dog(s) at home, you have to handle their poop. To help keep your hands clean, the inventors have squeezed their brains to come up with innovative ideas as alternative to covering your hands with the plastic bag to pick up and dispose the poop.

It took years of research and several trial and errors for this solution to be finally accepted. Living in rural area, with experience of above fifteen years tending to more than dozen dogs.

Piqapoo is so weightless that after a few times usage, it can be handled single handedly. This has been experimented on hundreds of dogs of different breeds and varied sizes and weights, and several skilled trainers have also been considered. The feedback received so far is so good that the veterinary doctors have also started recommending its usage.

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