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Polestar unveils its first electric hybrid car – the Polestar 1

In the mid-2019, the company will start with its first car production- Polestar 1. This car will be able to travel up to 150km on only electric power. Moreover, it will deliver 600hp and 1,000Nm of torque that too in association with its four-cylinder Volvo Drive-E engine.

Polestar 1

It will bring new performance and technology attributes to the market that will act as a technology boon for the Volvo Car Group.

The CEO of Polestar Thomas Ingenlath said that Polestar 1 is the very first car to carry a Polestar on its bonnet. The Polestar delivers their brand vision of setting a milestone in electric performance brand.

The very first model- Polestar 1 is a 2+2 seater, two-door Grand Tourer Coupe which gives an ‘Electric Performance Hybrid’ drivetrain feature. There is a goal of building 500 cars per year. All the cars will come on a subscription basis and that can be easily added up by additional demand services if necessary.

Polestar 1 gives an increased range of performance and also delivers a total of 1,000Nm and 600hp of torque. The double electric rear motors are combined to Volvo Drive-E two-litre four-cylinder petrol engine.

The majority of the body parts of the Polestar 1 are made from carbon fibre.    This lightweight material is commonly found on supercars and gives the car a lot of advantages.

Thomas Ingenlath said that being fast is the primary attribute of an electric motor. However, Polestar focuses more on performance more than straight-line speed. It equally manages the braking, cornering, chassis feedback, suspension control, and steering feel. They name it as Progressive Performance.

All the future Polestar cars will inherit a fully electric powertrain feature. Later in 2019, the production of Polestar 2 will be started and will become the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) from the Volvo Car Group. Polestar 2 will deliver more and higher volumes than the first one. The finishing stages of design will be in Polestar 3 and in terms of pricing and volume, it would fit between Polestar 1 and Polestar 2.

There is a monthly subscription payment option available for the customers. This subscription includes everything, even the delivery and pick-up services. Moreover, for the scheduled maintenance, Polestar contacts its customers itself. The proposed date for the first Polestar Space is Q1-2019. The cars are all set to built in China and to promote it, Volvo Cars have joined hands with

The all-new Polestar 1 is set to be in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art Polestar Production Centre located in Chengdu, China. The project is still due for completion and is under construction. It has been planned and designed by the international award-winning architects. One of the first Polestar Spaces will be housed in new Polestar Production Centre, which will maintain a customer test track to let customers assess the car to extremes which is otherwise not possible on public roads.

About Polestar

A Volvo Car Group’s based performance road car brand- Polestar will soon become a new- individually-branded electric high-performance car company. This will offer a wide portfolio of bespoke Polestar cars. Polestar will own many engineering and technological synergies with Volvo Cars. As its connection to Volvo, it will get advantage from different economies of scale. They will build, develop, and design world-beating electrified high-performance cars from these synergies.

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