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Prince Charles Takes Ownership of Exclusive Tata Motors’ Jaguar: Goes Electric

The Tata Motors’ Jaguar I-Pace is exclusively manufactured for Prince Charles in shade blue, which is his favorite color. He has been the first royal member to acquire the electric car.

Jaguar I-Pace
Jaguar I-Pace

The Sunday Times reported that the environmental campaigner will receive the key for 60, 000-pound Jaguar I-Pace next week. He is also the one who installed low-energy bulbs and solar panels to the royal roofs.

The shade of Loire Blue car will not be available to other customers as it has been chosen by the 69-year-old- Charles; the heir to the British throne. Upon his request, the new Jaguar will be painted in his preferred color.

Along with Rolls-Royces, Range Rovers, and Bentleys, the new Jaguar have joined the Royal family. The newspaper further reported an electric charging point can be seen at Clarence House, Prince Charles’ London home as it has been installed after the purchase of EV.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles father, had been traveling around London in gas-powered Metrocab which is run on environmentally- friendly petroleum before quitting his service last year.

His son, Prince Harry, drove to their wedding reception at Frogmore House, Windsor with his beautiful bride Meghan Markle in a Jaguar E-type. This car adapts an electric more which costs more than 350,000 pounds.

The Prince of Wales also modified his vintage Aston Martin in an environmentally-friendly way. It requires bioethanol fuel which is made from unused whey and wine, the cheese by-production. He purchased the DB6 Mk 2 Volante in 19701, at his 20’s. This was used by Prince William and Kate after the wedding reception in 2011 which was held at Buckingham Palace.

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