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Purti Group to sell Ethanol blended petrol

Purti Group is going to start fifty outlets for selling ethanol blended petrol as per reports by Times of India. The fuel will be sold at 2% less than the market price. Purti has tied up with Essar Oil Limited for the same.

Initially the outlets would be selling E-10 petrol (10% ethanol blending).

Purti group will supply the ethanol while Essar will be supplying the petrol.

Purti Group has an in-house production capacity of 1.2 lakh litres of ethanol per day and after the ongoing expansion the capacity will be about 2 lakh litres per day.

India has a National Policy for Biofuels which envisages-

  1. Bio-diesel production to be taken up from non-edible oil seeds in waste /degraded / marginal lands.
  2. An indicative target of 20% blending of bio-fuels, both for bio-diesel and bio-ethanol, by 2017 has been proposed.
  3. Minimum Support Price (MSP) for non-edible oil seeds would be announced with periodic revision to provide fair price to the growers.
  4. Major thrust to be given to research, development and demonstration with focus on plantations, processing and production of bio-fuels, including Second Generation Bio-fuels.
  5. Financial incentives, including subsidies and grants, may be considered for second generation bio-fuels. If it becomes necessary, a National Bio-fuel Fund could be considered.
  6. Plantations of trees bearing non-edible oil seeds will be taken up on Government/community wasteland, degraded or fallow land in forest and non-forest areas.

The Purti Group is one of the fastest growing professionally owned enterprises in India and has interests in Power, Sugar, Alcohol, Ethanol, Bio diesel, Bio-Fertilizers and Agrotech.

Reference and further reading-

Bio-fuel Policy


Purti Group


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