Oil Feedstock for Bio-diesel

Biofuel- Answer to Energy Problems

Rudolf diesel once very well said “My Engine today is running on Diesel but a day will come when all the fossil fuels will be over, but my engine will continue to run”. In today’s era when there is an increasing demand for fossil fuels30


Biofuel from Corn Residue Not Very Green

The use of crop residues to manufacture ethanol for consumption as fuel may actually be more harmful than an efficient way to fight climate change. The practise actually reduces soil carbon and can result in more greenhouse gases than gasoline. The research by University of30

Biofuel made from Jatropha

Why biofuels are worth the investment?

Most biofuel is produced by plants such as soy, palm oil and corn-based ethanol, but the high water use, deforestation and energy consumption associated with its production often outweigh the benefits of using it.  More often associated with beer and bread than biofuel; and so30

Biofuel made from Jatropha

Railways testing Jatropha fuel

The Research Design Standard Organisation (RDSO), research wing of Indian Railways has approved Jatropha bio-diesel developed by Central Salt Marine & Chemical Research Institute for field trials in locomotives. “RDSO has cleared Jatropha bio-diesel of CSMCRI for field trials in locomotives. A few more approvals30

Biofuel made from Jatropha

Purti Group to sell Ethanol blended petrol

Purti Group is going to start fifty outlets for selling ethanol blended petrol as per reports by Times of India. The fuel will be sold at 2% less than the market price. Purti has tied up with Essar Oil Limited for the same. Initially the30