halogen light bulbs

EU waves ‘Goodbye’ to halogen light bulbs

On the 1st of September, 2018, Europe bans halogen light bulbs that lit our homes for 60 years or more. The lights will lower for halogen even though closing stocks can be sold. Also, capsules, low voltage incandescents, and linear are exceptions. The adaption to30


EU court declares Malta’s finch traps illegal

Goldfinches have become the part of several finch species that will be protected under the EU ruling. The EU law has been broken by Malta, which allows the trapping and hunting of several finch species, the European court has ruled. Unless the Mediterranean island ends a30

Oil Palm

EU Delays Plans to Phase out Palm Oil in Biofuels

The initially proposed deadline of The European Parliament and EU member states to phase out palm oil from motor fuels was by 2021, but it has been extended to 2030 now. It is estimated that in the coming years, peat lands, swaths of rainforests of30

Alphonso mango

EU Ban on Indian Mangoes

Trade barriers are imposed by governments all over the world in order to protect domestic industries and when they fear that the product doesn’t meet their import requirements. It can be in the form of a tax (custom duty) or in the form of subsidies30

Solar photovoltaic

Anti-dumping duty on solar in India to be extended to EU and Japan?

India may see the case on anti dumping being extended to EU and Japan after domestic solar manufacturers seek to expand the initial case. The initial case related to imposition of anti-dumping tariffs on China, Malaysia, Taiwan and USA. The duties are however not supported30