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WeWork Bans Meat and Goes Zero Waste

An announcement has been made on a company-wide ban on meat by a primary cooperation whose specialization is in promoting startups and coworking spaces. Yes, it’s WeWork. WeWork has decided not to serve meat at various company events and will also compensate the cost of30

Green Belt Schematic

Regulatory Provisions for Green Belt Development in India

Green vegetation cover is beneficial in many ways leading to conservation of biodiversity, retention of soil moisture, recharge of ground water and maintaining pleasant micro climate of the region. In addition, vegetation cover can also absorb pollutants from the environment and helps in effective pollution30

Water Pollution in Minimata Bay in Japan

Go Green to Save Mother Earth

First thing which came to my mind before I sat to write on this topic was ‘Are we extravagant?’ ‘Are we?’ Yes, of course, the way which we have used our limited resources and contributed to its loss. On your way to movie theater or30


Breathe free

“The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem, it will avail us little to solve all others.”  – Theodore Roosevelt Humming and enjoying one of our favourite songs when our tour bus took a sharp turn and proceeded further. 30

Water Pollution in Minimata Bay in Japan

Essay on Environmental pollution control

“The architect of the cosmos is not a common man but He is supernatural, super-heroic and un-earthly” The above dialogue light-footedly tells us that the maker of the entire universe is The Fabricator and we all are mere janitors of it. But do we truly30

Green Belt- Buffer

Green Belts for a Better, Safer Environment

Trees, shrubs and other vegetation can absorb certain air pollutants if they are within tolerable limits. This concept is utilised in developing strips of vegetation known as green belt development. Green belts should be developed especially around sources of pollution to improve the environment. In30