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WeWork Bans Meat and Goes Zero Waste

An announcement has been made on a company-wide ban on meat by a primary cooperation whose specialization is in promoting startups and coworking spaces. Yes, it’s WeWork. WeWork has decided not to serve meat at various company events and will also compensate the cost of meat for its employees.

WeWork, San Francisco

This ban will include poultry, red meat, and pork. The ban will affect around 6000 employees of WeWork. The company cleared its motive by stating that all the actions are just taken to solve various environmental concerns.

CNN shared an email by the company in which WeWork forecasts a total estimated savage of 16.7 billion gallons of water, 15 million animals, and 445.1 million pounds i.e. 201.9 million kg of CO2 emissions that too by 2023 with the change of policy.

Miguel McKelvey, the co-founder added that the there has been very hard work by the culinary team to produce a delicious, plentiful, ad sustainable menu. To every member of the company, a reusable water bottle will be given. This will be their bottle for life which will help them to cut down on their personal plastic consumption. During the day, the guests will be offered glasses to help fulfil their thursts.

There is also a replacement of cups by the taps with bioplastic cups by the company. These work incredibly as they are completely compostable. In spite of plastic, they are made from corn starch and are degradable.

New recycling bins have been added by the company in the offices. There are two bins available- black for general waste and green for mixed recycling.

The organization has initiated a change in mouthwash cups, as they are compostable. Moreover, at the barista station, the plastic stirrers have been removed and there is an exchange of coffee cups with the compostable versions. Also, the milk will be no longer stored in plastic bottles in fridges.

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