Total Solar REC Trade at IEX & PXIL -Feb 14

Status of REC trading for the month of February 2014

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trade session was conducted yesterday, 26th February 2014 at Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL). This is the second last session of current financial year. This month has shown 31% and 6% growth in solar and non-solar30

Total Solar REC trade at IEX and PXIL-Jan 14

Status of REC trading in the month of January 2014

The trading of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) in the month of January 2014has experienced a downward trend. There were a total of6,361 solar and 3,58,997 non-solar RECs traded in this month compared to 7,882 solar RECs and 4,03,862 non solar RECs traded in previous month30

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Renewable Purchase Obligation for the State of Goa and UTs

Following by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (MERC) order  enforcing strict compliance of Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets on obligated entities, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) has also come up with an order for the strict enforcement of RPO targets in the State of Goa30

Non-solar REC trade volume in the month of Nov 2013

Status of REC trading in the month of November 2013

November 2013 was a good month for Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) trading. Non-solar REC experienced an increasing trend in the total traded volume. This month, there were a total of 0.3 million RECs traded on both exchanges. Solar RECs trading shows a declining trend. There30

Total solar installed capacity in states registered under REC mechanism by 08 Oct 13

The Status of Solar REC projects in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state. The state has installed electricity generation capacity of 19,432 MW (as on April 2013) that constitutes 9% of the total installed electricity generation capacity of India mainly from30

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REC trading volume doubled in July

As per reports, leading power exchange IEX today said traded volumes of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) doubled last month, with over 72,300 non-solar certificates changing hands. “This trading session witnessed increased volumes of traded RECs over the previous months with the trade of 72,321 non-solar30

Accredited Capacity under REC mechanism –Solar PV

Andhra Pradesh’s first Solar PV project has accredited under REC mechanism

The state of Andhra Pradesh has accredited its first Solar PV project under Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) mechanism. The project has been developed by KCP limited, a $100 million business group with interests in Power generation, Heavy Engineering, Sugar, Cement,   Information Technology and Biotechnology. The30