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Task Force on Waste to Energy projects constituted

Solid Waste Dumping SiteAs part of its commitment for managing waste, the government has constituted a task force on waste to energy.

The Task Force was constituted by the Planning Commission in June, 2013 with a mandate to examine the technological aspects of WTE projects.

Model Profile/ Scheme for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects based on WTE will be prepared by Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance and full scale project be taken up by the Ministry of Urban Development in consultation with MNRE only after the Expert Committee set-up by the Planning Commission gives its recommendations.

MNRE has formulated “Programme on Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste for Setting-up of 5 Pilot Projects” in the cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Pune.

The Ministry of Urban Development has come out with a “Manual on Municipal Solid Waste Management.”

The Ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) has also released draft rules for management and handling of municipal solid waste. Among other things, once implemented, it will become mandatory for the municipalities in the state to develop landfills and submit annual reports to state government and pollution control board. Read more on it here.



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