Is Hydro Power Practical?

Hydropower, which uses moving water to generate energy, is one of the oldest power-producing technologies. Today, it accounts for about 16 percent of the electricity produced around the globe and 85 percent of all renewable energy. As the world aims to get more of its30

Oil well

Oil industry boom-and-bust visualised

With the world’s energy demands that are needed to power transportation, it is reported that we are exhausting the earth’s supply of oil. In fact, recent findings from the International Energy Agency (IEA) unveiled the world will face oil shortages far sooner than anticipated. Therefore30

Power Grid -Wardha_Maharashtra

How Much Fuel We Need For A Year?

Electricity has become the most important necessity to accomplish our day to day tasks. Without electricity offices and households can’t go a minute. Average energy consumption of a UK Household in 2013 was 4,170 kWh. It is not only about the comfort but work too.30

Natural Gas Processing Plant

India and its Energy Consumer Scenario

India is on its journey towards becoming the world’s third largest energy consumer in the coming decades, and therefore to support such extensive growth, a thrust in energy sector is needed to fuel the country’s demand. It would make more sense to have a market-based30

GHG emission from a petrochemical refinery

Essay on Energy, Economy and Environment

“If you wish to bear fruits you must go to your roots.” The core question arises in our mind that society lies in the roots of 3E (Energy, Economy, and Environment). Society needs to keep all energy options open to satisfy the growing demand. The30

Geothermal Power Station

First Geothermal Power Plant in India coming up at Chhattisgarh

As per reports, very soon the first geo-thermal power project for India will be established in Tatapani, Chhattisgarh. Chief minister Raman Singh, said that India’s first geo-thermal power project would use underground hot water springs at Tatapani to convert it into steam, and then generate30

Solid Waste Dumping Site

Task Force on Waste to Energy projects constituted

As part of its commitment for managing waste, the government has constituted a task force on waste to energy. The Task Force was constituted by the Planning Commission in June, 2013 with a mandate to examine the technological aspects of WTE projects. Model Profile/ Scheme30