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The World’s Cleanest Cities – Explained in Infographic

Cities are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and many cities across the globe are leading the charge when it comes to creating positive change. This infographic looks at the cleanest cities in the world, examining what particular features have landed them on the list, and looks at their population, location and other interesting features. From traffic congestion reduction measures, to fume reduction programs, to litter control schemes these cities are the most effective in the world at maintaining a healthy and clean environment, and have earned their place on the list of the ‘World’s Cleanest Cities’.

At present the world’s cleanest city is Calgary, in Alberta Canada. The city, despite being in a booming oil and gas region, has strategically planned measures to help reduce traffic congestion, and other factors that contribute to air pollution. By maintaining a grid-like structure and using an effective light rail scheme the city reduces congestion and emissions. The city has also pioneered garbage transfer stations that sort through the waste produced by the city’s population of just over 1 million and removes all biodegradable and recyclable materials, helping to reduce the need for landfill. Interestingly, two of the cleanest cities in the world are located in Canada with Calgary and Ottawa coming out on top.

While the Canadians have placed top priority on environmental measures, so too have the Scandinavians. Three of the world’s top 10 clean cities are in Scandinavia, with Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo making the list. One of the reasons why Oslo is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the world is because city developers have used creativity to find unusual ways to go green. One of the most effective is that the city features buses that run on by the fuels taken from human waste. It is hoped that this initiative will ultimately provide enough energy for the entire city fleet.

To learn more about these cities, and the others that made the list, read the infographic below from from the Cleaning Services Group.


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