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These sneakers are made from recycled coffee, tennis balls

Did you know that the pair of brand-new shoes you bought recently might have an adverse effect on the environment? Indeed, the waste generated by the fashion industry every year leads to a massive carbon footprint which is endangering the earth’s ecological balance. According to an assessment by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a regular pair of running shoes generates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, which is what one needs to power a 100-watt bulb for a week. Moreover, the researchers involved in the study pointed out that over two-thirds of a running shoe’s carbon footprint can be traced back to its manufacturing process. Only a small portion of the impact could be attributed to its raw materials or their extraction process. Concerns over the footwear industry’s rising carbon footprint have led several brands to come with more eco-friendly and sustainable shoes. NoTime sneakers are among the rising stars in this still nascent space.

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These sneakers are handmade and designed using recycled materials. The materials that have been used in making these sneakers are the typical items that are discarded from homes like tennis balls, coffee beans and car tyres. These shoes are handmade in Spain under fair working conditions and do not compromise with comfort. This means that these sustainable sneakers are perfect for a night out with friends, a walk on the road, or a trip to the beach. 

The NoTime team offers its clients the option to choose between two innovative soles. While one is made from repurposed tennis balls, the other is made using recycled coffee beans. The team is planning to offer sizes from 36 to 46. The team is led by two friends Jorge and Charlie and their philosophy is simple – a plan that makes it possible to be sustainable, drive a positive impact yet be profitable. The manufacturing process is also animal-friendly and the range is a unisex one.

The NoTime has also partnered with A La Par foundation and 20% of the proceeds from its sales will go towards the welfare of those suffering from intellectual disabilities. The move seems a fitting tribute as these beneficiaries were involved in NoTime’s design process. Even the packaging of these sneakers is eco-friendly. Once you order the product, it would be packed neatly and then shipped using plastic-free packaging that’s made of cardboard and sustainable tape.

The design of the NoTime sneakers is inspired by the classic sneaker but has a twist. The sole of these shoes is made from recycled materials like leftover coffee, damaged tennis balls and discarded tyres. 

Let’s have a look at the raw materials. More than 300 tennis balls are thrown away every year across the world. Without a robust recycling mechanism for them, most of them end up in a landfill and use up precious resources. Plus, each of these balls takes around 2,500 years to decompose and producing methane which contributes to global warming. These shoes are a unique way to use these tennis balls in a more judicious manner. If you are a vegan, you don’t need to worry as these sneakers are made without using any animal-based products. The NoTime team collects discarded balls and then grounds them. The powdered balls are mixed with natural rubber. The mix is then shaped into the sole of the shoe using rubber from tyres.

Most of us ignore the residual coffee that is left at the bottom of our cups every morning. The product is a unique way to use up that residual coffee. The discarded coffee beans are collected, grounded and then dried up. They are then mixed with natural rubber and is then placed on the sneaker’s sole along with rubber from the discarded tyres.

Around 1,000 million tyres are thrown away across the globe every year. The waste is a monumental environmental concern. With their innovative sneakers, NoTime has made an effort to offer an alternative use for these damaged tyres. As these tyres are flexible, resistant and sturdy, they are perfect for making soles of shoes. 30% of every sole of a NoTime sneaker is made using rubber recycled from tyres.

The company uses natural rubber to combine the recycled material as its strong, flexible and water-resistant. Even here, no trees are cut to extract the natural rubber. Instead, a small incision is made in the plants to extract the rubber, which is later refined. It is then vulcanised using a traditional handcrafted process and by heating it at a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius. The process makes the rubber stronger, more elastic and prevents it from being damaged easily.

The midsole of the sneakers is produced while meeting the Global Recycled Standard guidelines while ensuring that only a few chemicals are used in making these shoes. Moreover, the NoTime workshop in Spain is completely powered by solar energy. The company plans to produce the sneakers in five colours. Earlier, they had launched a collection of socks that were made of organic cotton in Spain.

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