Three primary rating systems for Green buildings in India

For the past few years, the word ‘Green Buildings’ is continuously hogging limelight in the media. Some of us might have seen the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Green Business Centre building in Hyderabad which is one of the green buildings in India.  Now30

Tree or grass- the fate of Bamboo…

Do you care about classifications? Or do you subscribe to the Shakespearean philosophy of “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.” The stubbornness for rules and the hesitance towards change leads to a point30

State Bird of Delhi- House sparrow

Kingdom:Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Passeridae Genus: Passer Species: P. domesticus The Sparrow, worldwide in distribution and the most visual amongst the bird species has become threatened. A common sight few years earlier, it has now become almost disappeared from many urban30

Want to earn carbon credits but confused about the future of carbon markets?

It is important to know about the benefits and risks of a carbon credit project considering the uncertainty of carbon markets. Identifying business risks associated with a carbon credit project (Green House Gas emission reduction project) allows a project developer to realize the projected financial30

Economic Importance of Cinnamomum camphora

Family:  Lauraceae Genus: Cinnamomum Species: Cinnamomum camphora Common name: Camphor tree, Kapur, Karpura Origin:  China Description: Middle sized evergreen tree with yellow brown branches. Leaves sub-coriaceous , ovate   or broadly so or elliptic, abruptly  acuminate, lustrous above. Flowers   bisexual, membranous, linear,   soft- pubescent. Economic Importance:30

Economic importance of Terminalia spp.

Botanical name:  T. arjuna  T. bellerica Family:  Combretaceae Origin: India Description: Large, evergreen tree with generally fluted stem, spreading crown and drooping branches. Leaves sub-opposite, oblong on elliptic, hard, coriaceous, acute at the apex, base rounded. Flowers in panicled spikes, with  hairy growth, small. Fruits30

Power Grid in India

Power…power burning bright…

So we have lived in complete blackouts for the past two days. Nobody’s questioning that India is progressing perhaps faster than what the developed world managed when it had its progressive era but the lacuna’s in infrastructure in planning are there for all to see.30

Economic importance Lagerstroemia spp.

  Botanical name: L. indica Linn. L. speciosa Pers. L. tomentosa Presl. Family:  Lythraceae Description:  Small to medium  sized deciduous tree.  Leaves   opposite, narrowly elliptic, young leaves pubescent beneath, mature  leaves glabrous on both sides.  Flowers white, fragrant in terminal panicles, calyx tube copular, capsules30

Economic importance of Mesua ferrea

  Family: Calophyllaceae Genus: Mesua Species: M. ferrea Common name: Nahor, Nag kesar Origin: India Description: Evergreen tree, leaves opposite, decussate, very variable, linear, lanceolate, oblong lanceolate, elliptic oblong, obtuse or acute at the base. Leaves   crimson red turning pink and ultimately becoming dark green.30