Economic Importance of Platanus orientalis

Kingdom: Plantae Order: Proteales Family: Platanaceae Genus: Platanus Species: P. orientalis Common name:  Chinar Origin: India Description: A medium sized or large tree. Leaf commonly has 5 -7 palmate lobes, all distinctly longer than wide. Some forms have fairly rigid leaf blades with the lobe30

River ganges at Varanasi

A Crusader’s fight for the Ganga

There has already been a loss of life earlier in Uttarakhand for the Ganges. Swami Nigamanand died after a fast that lasted for 115 days. History is repeating itself and Mr. G.D. Agarwal who has renounced worldy life and is now known as Swami Gyan30

Economic Importance of Santalum album

Family:  Santalaceae Genus: Santalum Species: S. album Common name:  Chandan Origin: India Description: Small to medium sized tree evergreen, with slender drooping branches.Leaves thin, opposite, ovate lanceolate, blade entire, axillary or terminal panicled cymes. Perianth campanulate, stamens four  alternating with four rounded obtuse scales (lobes).30

Cedrus deodara-Tree Bark

Economic Importance of Cedrus deodara

Kingdom: Plantae Family:  Coniferae Genus: Cedrus Species: C. deodara Common name:  Deodar Description: Tall, evergreen tree dark-green foliage, forming a typical conical crown. Branches two types, long shoots bear spirally arranged leaves, dwarf shoots bear cluster of leaves in pseudowhorls. The dwarf shoots elongate lightly,30

Economic Importance of Madhuca indica

Family:  Sapotaceae Genus: Madhuca Species: M. Longifolia Common name:  Mahua, Mohua Origin: India Description:  Medium to large sized deciduous tree, spreading branches and a large rounded crown. Leaves are clustered at the end of branches, elliptic, obovate. Flowers are small; cream- coloured and produced in30

Economic Importance of Toona spp.

1. Botanical name; T. ciliata T. serrata 2. Family:  Meliaceae 3. Origin:  India Description: Large deciduous tree, with a spreading crown.  Leaves  long, usually imparipinnate: leaflets opposite or alternate, lanceolate, entire or wavy, acuminate, base oblique. Flowers honey scented, small, yellowish white, appear in drooping,30

World Forestry DAY- 21st March, 2012

World Forestry Day is celebrated world over to highlight the contribution of forests in not only supporting livelihoods of millions but also the unique role they play in supporting our climate. Not surprisingly, they are referred to as the lungs of the world. March 21st,30

The Yamuna is DYING, why DELHIITES need to be concerned…

According to the findings of a project undertaken by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) the Yamuna is reeling under the enormous pollution levels and this is affecting the food chain. “During the monsoon season, the river water floods the land and contaminates reach the30

Indian Railways turning green

The Railway Budget is out and we thought it might be a good idea to discuss it from a green point of view.  While we have seen a lot of opinion on the budget and perhaps more on the political ramifications and in what will30