David Nelson - Senior Director, Climate Policy Initiative

GCG in conversation with David Nelson, Senior Director at Climate Policy Initiative

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is an independent, not-for-profit organization headquartered in San Francisco, dedicated to helping nations achieve low-carbon development. They are a team of analysts and advisors that work to improve the most important energy and land use policies around the world, with a particular focus on finance. They support decision makers through in-depth analysis on what works and what does not. Our work helps nations grow while addressing increasingly scarce resources and climate risk. This is a complex40

Power Grid

Key signals from the central government to improve the power sector in India

It is well recognized that India needs to make drastic improvements in its fuel supply chain, transmission network and distribution efficiencies. These improvements will take time and sustained political support at the Centre as well as in States. This article highlight key signals from the Central Government that are expected to improve the power sector and boost the development of renewable energy in India. Find out what these developments mean for the power sector in general and the renewable energy40

Renewable energy

Consumer attitudes positive toward renewable energy: Survey

Consumers are now looking towards renewable sources of energy with a far more positive attitude in India. Almost half of the residential and commercial consumers surveyed are of the opinion that it is important for India to focus on solar power, as per the findings of a survey. The “India Consumer Perceptions on Renewable Energy Survey,” was conducted by Mercom Communications India. “94 percent of commercial establishments that took part in the survey said steady power supply could bring a40

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

Summary of Developments in Solar Energy Sector Across the World

Although India is yet to catch up, leaders like Germany, US, China and Japan have provided a base for a thriving solar power industry. Global installed capacity crossed 140 GW last year and is expected to perform better this year. With the right policy support, solar power can help countries diversify their energy mix and develop a sustainable source of power for the long term. Developments in Solar Energy across the World EUROPE – TRADITIONAL CENTRE OF DEMAND Europe continues40

Potential Imapct of financing instruments on the term of debt - Wind energy projects

Climate Policy Initiative Report on Financing Renewable Energy in India

The government of India has an ambitious plan for renewable energy technologies with the National Solar Mission the most popular scheme to be launched under the climate change mission. However, lack of debt instruments, high cost and risks are bottlenecks towards the growth of this sector. The Climate Policy Initiative has come out with a report entitled, “Solving India’s Renewable Energy Financing Challenge: Instruments to Provide Low-cost, Long-term Debt.” As per the report’s findings, “the biggest barrier to renewable energy40

Renewable energy

UK launches Renewable Heat Incentive scheme to promote Renewables

The English government has launched the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The scheme by the government of UK is to provide fiscal incentives and is aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy in the country. This website describes the scheme as open and has more information for consumers. Consumers willing to join the scheme will “receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat their system produces.” In order to get the most out of40

Renewable energy

Renewable Energy Investment falls $35.1 Billion in 2013

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) has come out with the Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment Report which is fuelled by data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The massive $35.1 billion drop in renewable energy investments have been attributed to the global fall in the technology price of solar photovoltaic systems. But this might be a good sign for the sector and does not necessarily mean a fall in commitments for the sector. Highlights of the report- “Total investments40


How NURU energy is powering developing economies

Nuru Energy has brought simple power generators that are human powered to parts of Africa and India. “It was seed-funded by the World Bank in 2008, commercially financed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund in 2011 and currently operates in East Africa and India.” Its flagship product, the Nuru POWERCycle™ pedal generator is an off grid application that provides a non-polluting and sustainable source of power. The Nuru POWERCycle is powered by humans and40